Great looking product with some good feature

The appearance of this oven it quite modern and stylish, with the bright white contrasting with the black oven doors. It would look fabulous in a modern kitchen. The hob has a clear glass cover for extra surface space if needed, and the hob itself has a rapid burner, and a mini burner as well as two standard burners at the back, making it easy to vary cooking speeds. There is no separate ignition for the hob and bottom oven when you switch it on, which means you can switch them on with one hand which is really useful when in the middle of cooking. The bottom oven is a spacious gas oven with two movable shelves. The grill is an electric grill, and has two heat settings. The lower heat setting only uses the inner grill ring and the higher setting uses both grill rings. The rings take a few minutes to heat up properly, so the downfall is for even cooking results you need to preheat the grill for a few minutes before hand, which can be frustrating in a busy kitchen. Also, the tray that comes with the grill is very stiff and has already scratched the sides of the grill when I have tried to move it around. This, along with the fact that there are only two heat settings for the grill, make the grill the weakest part of the oven. The positive about the grill is that you can close the door whilst grilling which is good for keeping smells enclosed. All in all the oven itself is a great oven, and as long as you are used to electric grills then you will have no problem using this item.