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Home Cinema & Soundbars


Speakers designed to sit in front of your
TV for a bigger sound.

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Home Cinema Systems

A full surround sound system
with multiple speakers and a subwoofer.

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Sits underneath your TV to save
space and improve sound.

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    Most of our soundbars have Bluetooth so you can play songs straight from your smartphone.

Popular Home Cinema & Soundbars

Why do I need a sound system?

Modern TVs look great. The super-thin frames show off incredibly sharp and detailed images. However this thin design means that sound can lack punch and clarity. Here's everything you need to know about the sound system’s available at ao.com.

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A soundbar is a brilliant way to add a huge amount of boom to fill your room. The slim bar is designed to sit neatly in front of your TV. Typically a soundbar will house a number of speakers to give you a virtual surround sound effect. For deep bass, a soundbar will usually come with a separate subwoofer. This adds plenty of depth to a film night.



For an all-in-one sound system, a soundbase is a great choice. The unique flat platform design generates both sharp high notes and powerful bass. The design also gives you the flexibility to sit your TV on top of the soundbase. Alternatively you can tuck the unit on to a shelf.

Home Cinema

Home cinema

For a true surround sound experience, a system with multiple speakers is a must. The most popular layout is a 5.1 system. This gives you 5 speakers dotted around your room – 3 around your TV and 2 behind you. There’s also a separate subwoofer, which provides booming bass. This set-up gives you the ultimate cinema experience in your own home.


Play from your smart device

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can play all your favourite music from your smartphone or tablet. You won’t need to mess about with wires, just pair your device and enjoy all your saved music. This includes streaming services like Spotify.

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Hear the sharpest notes and the richest bass

Our ranges also feature products that support Hi-Res audio. This clever tech lets you experience the highest quality audio files. To hear your favourite song exactly as the artist intended, opt for a Hi-Res audio format like FLAC, AIF or Apple's Lossless(ALAC). These files help you hear every note precisely as it was recorded.

Get the right cable

Everything you need right here

Connecting your soundbar or home entertainment system might need a couple of extra cables that aren’t supplied in the box. Check out our range of cables so that you can be up and running straight away.