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    Wireless Audio


    Connect the dots, build a home where sound flows in every room

    Whether it's the crescendo of a symphony or a beat that trembles through the walls, Wireless Audio allows music to flow throughout your home. You can play songs from Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or your own collection. You can even take your pick with one song playing throughout your home or two songs from different devices.

    Control from your smartphone

    Wireless audio systems are controlled from your smartphone and your home Wi-Fi. Simply download your system's app to select your favourite songs, turn up the volume and sync speakers in different rooms. Some systems require a separate hub. This gives you a super-strong independent Wi-Fi network that doesn't interrupt your own home's Wi-Fi signal.

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    Here's how our wireless multiroom range stacks up:

    Samsung logo
    • Samsung multiroom family - M3, M5 and M7.
    • Perfect for small, medium and large rooms.
    • Uses a separate multiroom hub for its own super-fast wireless network.
    • Easy to control through Samsung's Smartphone app.
    • Include your existing speakers with Samsung's link mate.
    • Play one song in every room or two songs in different rooms.
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    Samsung wireless speakers
    LG logo
    • LG Music Flow family - H3, H4, H5 and H7.
    • Offers a fuller sound as you progress up the range.
    • LG's R1 bridge creates super-fast independent wireless network.
    • Simple to control with LG's Music Flow app.
    • Create a surround sound system with selected LG soundbar and soundbases.
    • Play one song in every room or two songs in different rooms.
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    LG wireless speakers
    Panasonic logo
    • There are 2 speakers in the ALL Series family - ALL3 and ALL8.
    • Use Panasonic's ALL1C to connect your existing audio equipment.
    • Compatible with Panasonic soundbar and soundbase.
    • Controlled through Panasonic's music streaming app.
    • Uses your existing Wi-Fi network to stream music.
    • Play one song in every room or two songs in different rooms.
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    Panasonic wireless speakers
    Pure logo
    • 4 speakers in the Jongo family - T2X, T4X, T6X and S3X.
    • The S3X is a portable speaker that offers 10 hours playback.
    • Connect your existing audio equipment using Pure's hi-fi adaptor.
    • Use your existing Wi-Fi network to stream music.
    • Simple to control using Pure's app.
    • System allows you to stream one song at at time.
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    Pure wireless speakers

    Complete the set

    Team your Wireless Audio speakers with a compatible soundbar to create a unique surround sound set-up. Perfect for a film night, you'll be able to recreate a truly immersive cinema experience. And, once the film's over, you can always move the Wireless Speakers back to another part of the house.

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