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Enjoy outstanding quality whether you’re creating
dishes full of flavour, or want the gentlest
care for your washing.

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AEG Washing Machine

ProTex Drum

The innovative drum design and XXL capacity ensures protection of your delicate fabrics.

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Alters the water levels and duration of the wash depending on the load size - saving you time and energy.

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A+++ - 20%

Being 20% more efficient than an A+++ washing machine, you'll save energy.

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Woolmark Gold

Taking such good care of your woollens, it's been awarded the prestigious Woolmark Gold certification.

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Ultra Quick Wash

The ultra quick wash programme can wash up to 3KG of laundry in just 20 minutes.

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AEG Fridge Freezer

Multi Airflow Technology

Precise temperature and humidity control, keeping everything inside fresher for longer.

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A++ Energy efficiency

Up to 20% more efficient than standard A rated models - helping you save money and energy.

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Provides an instant chill to fresh foods at the touch of a button.

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Cools the fridge and freezer independently providing the ideal climate for fresh food preservation.

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Fresh box with quick chill

Reaching 0.5 C - this box is the ideal place to store fresh meat and fish.

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CleanAir Control

Purifies the air in the fridge to stop odours transferring between different types of food.

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AEG Washer Dryer

Heat Pump Drying

Dries at lower temperatures, making it 50% more energy efficient than an A class and gentle on your fabrics.

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Silver Woolmark

Awarded the Woolmark Silver certification for having the gentlest wool programme around.

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Inverter Motor

Ensures whisper quiet operation, optimal energy efficiency and durability.

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ProTex Drum

The innovative drum design and XXL capacity ensures protection of your delicate fabrics.

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Duvet Programme

Gives you gentle drying to keep your duvets looking clean and smelling fresh.

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AEG Oven

Pyroluxe Plus

Self cleaning oven with useful built in cleaning reminder.

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XXL capacity

With 74 litres of space, it's one of
the largest ovens on the market.

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Perfekt Entry

OptiFlex™ shelf runners make
adjusting the height of your shelves quick and simple.

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ProCombi Steam

Use steam options to create great texture and delicious tasting food, without losing any moisture.

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ThermiC° hot air

Control the precise temperature throughout the oven.

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Ensures the door closes softly and quietly every time.

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Direct Touch

Provides instant, precise control of cooking temperatures with just one touch.

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Stop and Go

Pause your zones to keep warm with the touch of a button and touch again to resume.

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Flexible cooking zones, whatever the pan size.

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Power Boost

Giving you intense heat within seconds - no more waiting around.

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Oko Timer

Set the hob to automatically turn off and continue cooking with residual heat.

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Efficient use of residual heat to cook or keep food warm.

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AEG Dishwasher

Sensor logic

Intelligent sensors measure the size and soiling of dishes, automatically fine tuning the programme to suit.

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XXL Interior

XXL capacity for more flexible space to fit larger pots and pans.

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Save energy with A++AA and Auto-Off function.

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Extra Silent

Reduces noise levels to as low as 37dB - a quiet whisper. Endorsed by Quiet Mark

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Satellite Spray Arm

Extra powerful cleaning system, ensures water jets reach every corner for superior water distribution and impeccable cleaning.

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AEG Vacuum Cleaner


Removes fibres and tangled hairs from the brush roll.

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A cordless, rechargeable, Lithium powered stick cleaner which lasts longer and is always ready to use.

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Weighing just 2.4kg, vacuuming will be easier than ever before.

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Battery Charge Indicator

Letting you know when it's time to recharge.

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Double Jointed Nozzle

Helping you move easily around furniture and get into those tricky spots.

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LED Headlights

Lighting up difficult-to-see spaces like under the sofa.

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AEG Perfekt Innovation

AEG are all about designing new, innovative appliances to make your life easier - and help you save energy too! They've even received several Which? awards for a number of their appliances. Just this year they created the first A+++ washing machine. It's the most efficient around and consumes much less water and energy than older models.

They really know their trade. Rewinding back to 1910, they made the first electrical oven - a huge step that was followed by brands around the world. Not only this, they created the world's first fully automated washing machine too. Add this to the first induction hob, first heat pump dryer and the first built in fridge and you've got a real game-changing brand.

Cook with AEG

AEG don't just make outstanding products, they're a real presence among the cooking community too. They've partnered with several cookery schools across the UK and provide them with cutting edge technology to give home cooks the confidence to try new skills, techniques and techology. Watch a short recipe video to see them in action.

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