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Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new fridge freezer.


Capacity is measured in litres, and a shopping bag can hold 18l. We sell models that can fit between 13 - 20 shopping bags of food 

Food Freshness

Our fridge freezers feature special tech that keep your food fresher, full of flavour and healthier for longer.

Water and Ice Dispensers

Get fresh, cold water whenever you like with a built-in dispenser. Models with an internal tank don't need to be plumbed in.

Frost Free

Not only does frost free technology prevent you from defrosting your freezer again but it also keeps your food fresher.

Energy Rating

Every model in our range is rated between A+++ and A for energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the less it'll cost to run.

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Fridge Freezer Capacity Buying Guide


The size of your new fridge freezer will depend on the size of your household. A fridge freezer with a 200 litre capacity holds up to 11 shopping bags of food and is perfect for smaller households. Models with up to a 400 litre capacity are ideal for medium sized families as they store up to 22 shopping bags of food. And for large households, we have models that hold up to 20 shopping bags. If you tend to buy more fresh food than frozen, or vice versa, check out the different split types we have available. This is the capacity split between the fridge and freezer. For example a 70/30 split gives you 70% fridge space and 30% freezer space.

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Food Freshness

Our range of fridge freezers are packed with technology to keep your food fresher for longer. They circulate air evenly throughout the whole fridge, keeping every shelf at a consistent temperature. Some even monitor the temperature and adjust it accordingly, giving your food the best treatment. So your food stays, fresher and packed with flavours and nutrients for longer. Plus you save money as you’ll have less waste. There are also special compartments dedicated to keeping particular foods fresh, like salad crispers, egg trays and dairy compartments.

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Fridge Freezer Water Dispenser Buying Guide

Water and Ice Dispenser

Enjoy fresh, filtered, cold water when you choose a fridge freezer with a built-in water and ice dispenser. Most fridge freezers with a water dispenser don’t need plumbing in, so you can place it wherever you like in your kitchen. Simply fill the water tank every now and again. But if it does need plumbing in, then we’ll happily do it for you.

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Frost Free

With a frost free fridge freezer, you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. Frost free technology means that cool air is passed evenly throughout the fridge and freezer, preventing ice build-ups. This also keeps your food fresher for longer, so you’ll have much less waste. The appliance can run much more efficiently without that build-up of ice too, meaning you’ll save money on your energy bills. As well as Frost Free, there are also Low Frost models that cut down ice build-ups and how often you’ll have to defrost.

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Fridge Freezer Energy Efficiency Buying Guide

Energy Rating

A fridge freezer is one of the hardest working appliances in the home because it's always on. So it makes sense to find one with a better energy rating. The higher the rating, the more money you’ll save and the better it will be for the environment. All our fridge freezers are rated between an ultra efficient A+++ to A.

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