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DIY Pom Pom Magnets

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Who doesn’t love pom poms?! And even more so – mini pom poms!



They are super easy to make and just too cute!



They can be used to decorate a multitude of things, but what about brightening up your fridge with some?! You can make these magnets in literally a few minutes.



Here’s what you’ll need…




Small round magnets

A glue gun

A fork



And here’s how it’s done…


To make your pom poms mini, use a fork to make them. Wrap you wool around the width of the prongs until you have a nice little thick bundle. Cut the wool.


Cut another length of wool approx 25cm long. Slip one end through the middle prong of your fork, and tie tightly in a knot. Feed through to the other side and tie another knot to secure.



Slip the little bundle off the fork, and with your scissors, cut through all the loops it has created. Trim your pom pom into a nice even shape, ruffle it with your fingers to fluff it out.



Put a dot of hot glue on your magnet and simply pop into onto your pom pom.



So simple, but how darn cute?!



Warning: pom pom making is addictive! Make a few in different, but complementing colours, your fridge will thank you for it! ;)


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