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How to Make a Simple Draft Excluder

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As the nights draw in and we head into the colder months, it’s time to prepare your home for winter – especially if we have arctic temperatures like last year! My house is an old Edwardian property, with single glazing, wooden floors and a serious amount of draughty gaps, so I’ve decided to start thinking about ways to keep the heat in, not only to make sure we are cosy but also to try and save on energy.

Make Your Own Draught Excluder

The humble draught excluder is a fab and thrifty item that will be a huge help in this quest – and it’s so easy to make your own.

Make Your Own Draught Excluder


This little tutorial should only take a few hours to complete and will be to your own taste and preferred colour scheme. Get creative and add your own embellishments to make it a really unique item!

How to Make a Draught Excluder


Here’s what you need:

Draught Excluder Materials

A heavy cotton material (I got mine from Terry’s Fabrics who do a great range)

Brown paper or leftover wrapping paper

Basic sewing kit – pins, measuring tape, needle, thread & scissors

Sewing machine

Toy stuffing

Extra embellishments – I used mini vintage doilies and pom-pom trim


And here’s how it’s done:

I like to use a paper template when cutting fabric – it also means you can keep it and use it again if you want to make another one.  Measure out the template on your paper, measuring 35 inches x 9 inches and cut out.  Pin your template to your fabric and cut out 2 pieces. You can either use contrasting fabrics for each side of the excluder or the same, depending on your preference. If you are adding extra embellishments, position these where you want them, and stitch on. If you want a pom-pom trim like the one I’ve added here, stitch this on about an inch from the end of your fabric as this is your seam allowance.

Draught Excluder Steps 1 through 4

Next, place your two pieces of fabric right sides together and pin around one end and the two long sides at least 1/2 an inch in from the edges. Leave the other end open. Sew tacking stitches along the sides were your pins are to hold everything in place. Remove pins.  Using your sewing machine, sew these three sides up using the triple stitch setting on your machine for extra strength (mine is number 16 as in photo).  Use your tacking stitches as a guide.

Draught Excluder Step 5

Once you have sewed the three sides up, turn the draught excluder the right way out.

Draught Excluder Step 6

Fill your excluder with toy stuffing. Pack it quite tight to get a nice full shape.

Draught Excluder Step 7

If you are adding pom-pom trim, again stitch this about an inch from the open end. Then fold in the raw edges and stitch up by hand with small neat stitches.

Draught Excluder Step 8

And that’s it!

How to Make a Draught Excluder


How to Make a Draught Excluder

I’m definitely going to make another one of these as they are so easy to make.

Give it a go – I hope they help to keep you cosy this winter!

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