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    3 top tips to boost your PC gaming

    To get the performance edge you'll need a powerful graphics card, a speedy processor and an operating system that can handle it all. Find out how to be the ultimate gamer in 3 easy steps.

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    Graphics Cards

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    Operating system

    Ultimate visual quality

    NVIDIA Geforce GTX logo
    Graphics Cards

    The graphics card takes information from your processor, and turns it into the images you see onscreen. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics cards are the best of the best, giving you seriously stunning visuals and stutter-free gameplay. So you'll be able to enjoy all the top titles in their full glory, including epic 4K quality.

    Ready made for epic graphics

    Ready made for epic graphics

    We’ve got an incredible range of gaming laptops and desktops with NVIDIA 10 Series graphics cards. Enjoy awesome visuals with our fantastic range of gaming PCs.

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    GeForce Experience

    GeForce Experience

    GeForce Experience is free software you can download that works with your graphics card. It’ll tweak your settings automatically to deliver seamless gaming with the quality ramped up to the max.

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    The need for speed

    Intel icon
    Intel icon

    A processor is the brain of your PC, and Intel® Core™ i7 processors let you play all the newest releases in stunning 4K. They’re the powerhouse behind your ultimate gaming machine, and they can even manage virtual reality games. So if you’re interested in the next big thing in PC gaming, make sure you’re fully prepared with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor.

    Built for rapid gaming

    Built for rapid gaming

    If speed is key and you want to play all the latest games at their best, check out our laptops and desktops already equipped with a swift Intel® Core™ i7 processor.

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    Virtual Reality - The future of gaming

    Virtual Reality - The future of gaming

    With virtual reality gaming you can step into new worlds and play your favourite titles as if you’re really there. The future of gaming is already here – make sure you’re ready for it.

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    The platform for awesome gaming

    Windows icon
    Operating System

    Windows 10 is the software that constantly runs in the background, managing all your programs – whether that’s Word, your internet browser or your games. It keeps things ticking over, organises your files and offers awesome features for both in and out of the gaming world – from key software to get your games up and running to extra tweaks to improve your performance.

    DirectX 12 - The driving force behind gaming

    DirectX 12 - The driving force behind gaming

    Microsoft’s DirectX12 is essential software built-into Windows 10. It squeezes every last bit of performance from your PC’s processor and graphics card to keep all your games working at their best.

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    Game Mode - Making your game a priority

    Game Mode - Making your game a priority

    Windows 10’s Game Mode automatically instructs your processor and graphics card to prioritise your games, rather than web pages or streaming programs. So you’ll enjoy a smooth gaming experience with no interruptions.

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    Want to get the expert view?

    When you’re looking to get the best gaming PC, who better to ask for advice than the guys responsible for making all that awesome tech? We spoke to three gaming experts from NVIDIA, Intel and Microsoft to find out more about the spec you need for that ultimate gaming PC.

    • Why are graphics cards so important?

    • Why is Windows 10 great for gaming?

    • Why are processors important for gaming?

    Ready to find your perfect gaming PC?

    Our best gaming PCs combine the amazing technology of NVIDIA, Intel and Microsoft, giving you unrivalled power. Check out our top 3 laptops and desktops to get you going.

    Performance and portability combined


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    Ideal for demanding new releases


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    High quality gaming on the go

    HP OMEN 15.6

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