At Christmas we often get carried away when it comes to presents. With long wish lists, new expensive gifts available each year and the pressures to spoil our loved ones, we can easily lose sight of what’s really important.

But with everything that has happened throughout 2020, a lot of us might not be able to spend as much as we usually might. So, to ease the burden, we’ve picked out a selection of great gift ideas that’ll bring your loved ones joy without breaking the bank.


Great gifts for £50

A great gift usually requires a little bit of digging. What do your loved ones want? What hobby’s do they have? Is there anything they really need? With this information you can easily narrow down which direction to go in.

Small kitchen appliances always make great gifts. From coffee machines and smoothie makers, to blenders and toasters, they’re practical gifts that will be used day in and day out. While certain kitchen accessories can be expensive, there’s also plenty of great options that won’t hurt your wallet. We’ve put together eight suggestions that cost around £50 and will leave your loved ones smiling come Christmas day.

The perfect match for coffee lovers

De’Longhi pod coffee machine

Only £40

Fresh smoothies prepared in seconds

Ninja smoothie maker

Only £59

Breakfast sorted

Breville 4 slice toaster

Only £35

Hold down for grilled cheese

Breville sandwich toaster

Only £45

Pancakes all day, every day

Breville traditional crepe maker

Only £35

A bit of USA for breakfast

Cuisinart waffle maker

Only £65

The perfect match for creative cooks

Cuisinart spice grinder

Only £50

Unlimited brews

Swan vintage tea maker

Only £54



Made with love: DIY gifts



Giving gifts at Christmas has always been about showing your appreciation for someone close to you, and you don’t always have to splash the cash. Putting in the time to make something extra special is arguably an even better way of showing how much you care, and you don’t need any craftmanship skills either. Plus you can get the kids involved for a fun creative activity, resulting in a gift that’ll be remembered for Christmases to come. And if you need one more reason to get crafty this Xmas, a DIY or upcycled gift is a great way to be sustainable and reduce any unnecessary waste.

Accessories and home-made jewellery are fantastic choices for individual gifts. A quick search on YouTube will lead you to hundreds of tutorials on how to make jewellery from home, as well as plenty of other great DIY gifts. And if you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can never go wrong with a framed family photo, especially when it comes to older relatives.

If you’re better with a whisk than you are with tools, then cooking up a batch of cookies or brownies will put a smile on anyone’s face. In fact, there’s plenty of yummy edible gifts you can whip up in the kitchen, from cakes and breads to jams and chutneys. All you need is a couple of helpers and a powerful oven to create some sweet surprises that won’t be forgotten any time soon.


Wrapping sustainably



While the sight of presents nestled under the Christmas tree is as festive as it gets, what usually remains after the big day is a pile-up of plastic and paper. By thinking ahead, we can all cutdown on any unnecessary waste by reusing boxes and cartons to pop our gifts inside before putting them under the tree. Alternatively why not wrap your presents in newsprint or any old posters you have lying around the house, this way when they’re under the tree they’ll still stand out come Christmas day.


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By Toby Birchall on 16.12.20

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