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    Best Headphones for 2024

    From workout motivation to morning playlists, music plays a huge part in our lives, and a decent pair of headphones is an essential accessory. We’ve picked out some of the very best headphones for different needs, be it every day listening, all action gaming or sweat inducing exercise.

    Best Earphone for Exercise

    Whether you want your favourite music to push you through your morning run, or an electric playlist to get you in the mood for that gym session, we’ve listed some of the best headphones to get your blood pumping.

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    Best on-ear headphones

    Looking to groove while you’re on the move? Then a pair of on-ear headphones could be perfect for you. They’re lightweight and compact, so they won’t weigh you down as you’re making your way around town. And since they only cover the centre of the ear, you’ll still hear a little ambient noise and know what’s going on around you.

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    Best earphones for gaming

    A quality pair of headphones is an essential accessory if you’re serious about gaming. The right pair will pull you further into your favourite titles. So, if you need a little help, we’ve chosen a few of the very best.

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    Best true wireless headphones

    If you’re tired of tangled wires and don’t want to carry around a pair of over-ear headphones, then let our best true wireless ones make your life easier. There’s not a single wire in sight, just pop them in and you can enjoy those power ballads – just remember everyone can hear your rendition of Bon Jovi.

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    Best noise-cancelling headphones

    Whether you’re working to a deadline or just have a long bus ride, sometimes it’s best to block the world out. We’ve picked our favourite noise-cancelling headphones to help you cut out that background buzz and focus on what really matters.

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    Best over-ear headphones

    Combining excellent sound quality with some comfy cushioning, over-ear headphones make every track or movie score sound epic. You’re spoilt for choice with features like Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity, and spatial audio. Most even have in-built microphones, so you can swap from Friday vibes to work meetings seamlessly.

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    Best earbuds

    Comfy in-ear design, long battery life, and not a single wire in sight, earbuds are perfect for love songs, podcasts, or team meetings. And if you suddenly find yourself on-the-go, you don’t need to worry about them running out of juice – pop them in the handy charging case and they’ll soon be ready for another round.

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    Best budget headphones

    A good pair of headphones don’t need to cost you and arm and a leg. There’s plenty of tech-filled options for every budget. Whether you’re looking for wired, wireless, or something to give you the upper hand when gaming, we’ve got you covered.

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