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    Appliances designed to meet your every need in the kitchen

    Beko The UK Number 1 Accreditation

    Welcome to Beko

    Life feeling full on? Make it a little easier with Beko. They take pride in delivering more than just appliances ….. they understand that life is busy, and their aim is to make your life easier with their range of energy efficient, innovative and technology rich appliances which have been stress tested for whatever life throws at you, giving you more time to do the things you love.

    Beko Fridge Freezer Door durability test Opend & closed 300,000 times, Dishwasher lower basket durability test tested over 100,000 cycles, Washing machine door durability opended aand closed 20,000 times

    Beko pride’s themselves in delivering quality appliances at affordable prices giving you 100% confidence in your appliance choice. What’s more selected products now qualify for Beko’s 10 Year Parts Guarantee giving you additional peace of mind.

    Innovations to make your life easier

    Whether you’re looking to keep food fresh, master the perfect bake, or pick up the latest Wi-Fi controlled dishwasher or washing machine, Beko has got your back. They’re always working to bring innovation to life with their amazing products, while also helping you save time and money without spending big.

    Enjoy a healthier life with HarvestFresh™

    Beko's HarvestFresh feature uses colour changing lights inside the crisper drawer to simulate the sun's natural cycle. This preserves vitamins A & C in your fruit and veg for longer, keeping them as fresh as the day they were picked. 

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    We all know the disappointment of taking a cake out the oven which is only crisp on one side. With AeroPerfect™ you’ll have no more half-baked disasters. It uses the fan to send heat evenly around each shelf, making sure every corner has a consistent temperature. Hurrah! Those burnt edges and soggy centres are officially a thing of the past.

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    Your clothes will always be in safe hands with Beko’s AquaTech® technology. Instead of rough drum movements that throw your laundry around, water and detergent drop from the top of the drum to get into fibres quickly. Now you can cut down on wash times, and your favourite outfits will stay at their best for longer. 

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    Corner Intense

    Picture this: You’ve just gone to grab your favourite mug from the dishwasher, only to find it’s still covered in yesterday’s coffee stains. Disappointing, we know. Thankfully, Corner Intense™ has a solution. The clever tech sends water and detergent to every corner of your machine, so your dishes come out gleaming, no matter where you place them. Time to find the teabags and pour yourself a brew. 

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    Built to last, designed to wow

    Get simple yet standout style in your kitchen with Beko’s built-in range. From cooking and cooling to washing machines and dishwashers, this range is perfect for bringing your kitchen together. Plus, all built-in products will come with a 2-year guarantee.

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    Find the perfect appliance for you

    Designed with the enviroment in mind

    Beko appliances have lower energy consumptions and waste than most brands, so you can save on your bills while getting the best for your home. And that’s not all, Beko has also reduced its carbon footprint and is increasing recycling every year in their factories to help save the planet.

    Healthy living, healthy planet

    Beko are serious about sustainability. With technologies that are more environmentally sustainable to biomaterials and reusable waste, they’re striving to reduce their carbon footprint one step at a time. Find out what actions they’ve already taken towards a more environmentally friendly future.


    Using innovative technology designed to reduce plastic pollution, Beko transform recycled plastic bottles into high-performance materials for their washing machines and washer dryer tubs (nifty, right?). So, every time you put a wash on, you’ll know you’re doing your bit for the planet.


    When it comes to our oceans and protecting marine wildlife, Beko aren’t wishy-washy. They recycle fishing nets and industrial thread waste and turn it into a durable, thermally resistant material which are the used in a number of the components of their RecycledNet™ ovens.