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    Washing machines with auto dosing technology

    What is auto dosing?

    When it comes to pouring laundry detergent, you’re either a meticulous measurer or a free-spirited guesser. Whichever one you identify as, auto dosing technology is here to make everyone’s life easier. Sensors will weigh clothes once they’re in the drum, and measure how dirty they are. They’ll then work out the perfect amount of detergent and conditioner for your laundry, before dispensing it. This means you’ll never use too much or too little again, you’ll save money and you’ll enjoy softer, cleaner outfits. Honestly, what’s not to love?

    What are the benefits of auto dosing?

    No more guessing

    Auto dosing technology weighs your clothes before calculating the perfect amount of detergent to release into the drum. This means that the days of guessing how much to use are over, and all you’ll need to do is throw in your clothes and press go.

    You won’t need to keep filling it up

    Because there’s a tank that you can fill up with detergent, there’s no need to keep pulling out the bottle whenever you need to put a wash on. That’s right, just pour it all in at once and enjoy saving those extra few minutes each time.

    Save money

    If you normally just pour without measuring and hope for the best, you’re probably using too much at once. And because of this, you’re definitely wasting money. By using the correct amount each time, you’ll find that your detergent will last a lot longer, and you won’t need to buy as much.

    Gives you softer clothes

    If you use too much detergent at once, you miss out on great results. This is because standard programmes can’t rinse it all out, so it just sticks to clothes and hardens. If you let this build up over time, fibres become damaged. So, if you’re not a fan of scratchy towels, coarse jumpers and shirts riddled with holes, this is the perfect solution.

    Shop our favourite

    LG Smart Washing Machine with ezDispense™

    This LG washing machine has all the clever tech you need to make laundry days less of a chore. ezDispense™ auto dosing gets rid of the guesswork by automatically adding the right amount of detergent for you, and the unique hybrid dispenser allows up to 35 doses between filling. And with the TurboWash™ function, your clothes get sprayed from all angles to get a thorough clean in under an hour. It’s also got a Steam+™ cycle that’ll see off the worst wrinkles, so you won’t have to spend as much time behind the ironing board.

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    Who is this great for?

    People with allergies or sensitive skin

    Because auto dosing technology uses the right amount of detergent each time, you’ll know it’s all flushed out. This means there’ll never be any itchy flakes left loitering on fabrics, keeping your clothes soft and kind on skin.

    People with designer wardrobes

    If you’re partial to the odd fashion splurge every now and again, you’ll want to look after your best buys. As auto dosing stops clothes becoming coarse, they’ll stay looking and feeling fabulous for longer.

    People who bypass the instructions

    We get it, reading the back of a detergent bottle just isn’t how you want to be spending your precious spare time. You’ll definitely want to choose a model with auto dosing, because it’ll do the tedious bits for you.

    Busy households

    By opting for a washing machine with auto dosing, you’re opting for an easier life. Just switch it on, throw in your clothes and press go.


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