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    Pyrolytic Technology

    An oven with pyrolytic tech cleans itself. Yes, self-cleaning ovens are a real thing! The clever tech in these ovens use extremely high temperatures to burn away grease and grime, reducing it to ash. So, all you need to do is give it a quick wipe to keep it looking its best. Magic. And don’t worry about the high temperatures, the door locks for safety while it does its thing.

    What are the benefits of pyrolytic technology?

    No more scrubbing

    According to our research, cleaning the oven is top of the list of household chores you hate the most. With pyrolytic tech it’s no longer hard work, you can clean your oven with a quick wipe.

    Save time

    A cycle takes around 2 hours on average and you can catch up with other things while it works its magic.

    No chemicals

    Cleaning chemicals can worsen conditions for those with breathing difficulties, so protect your family from exposure to the harsh detergents found in cleaning products.

    Stay cool

    Despite the oven reaching up to 480°C during the clean, your kitchen will stay at a comfortable temperature thanks to a superior enamel coating that retains heat.

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    Smeg pyrolytic self cleaning

    Keeping your Smeg oven pristine is easy thanks to the pyrolytic cleaning feature included on this model. All you need to do is select the function using the simple control panel and the oven will initiate its self-cleaning mode. During this pyrolytic cycle, the interior of the oven is heated to about 500oC, burning away any grease or food residue that has built up inside. When the oven has cooled down it’ll only need a quick wipe to remove the ashes.

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    Hisense - Do yourself a favour and put the scourer away

    Still scrubbing the oven on your hands and knees? It’s time to upgrade. This one has pyrolytic tech that’ll do the hard work for you. Once you’ve flicked it on and closed the door, it’ll automatically lock and the temperature inside will ramp up. Any splatters will be burned into ash – so just wipe it away with a cloth. Easy-peasy

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