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    Super-quiet washing machines

    What is a super-quiet washing machine?

    Fed up of a noisy washing machine interrupting movie night? Well cheer up, because we stock loads of machines that are specially designed to be quiet. Some are built with efficient motors and drives, and others come with anti-vibration features to help them score low on the decibel scale. Whatever model you go for, the only thing that’ll be making a racket in the future will be you chomping on the popcorn.

    What are the benefits of a quiet washing machine?

    Great for open plan living

    Because they produce little noise, they’ll make a great housemate in any open plan home. You’ll be able to settle down on the sofa with a boxset, without having to put up with any unwanted background noise.

    You’ll never disturb others again

    If you’ve ever had to sacrifice clean clothes because your partner’s on a Skype call, you’ll appreciate a quiet washing machine. Because they barely make a peep, you’ll be able to plough through the laundry pile even when there’s a morning full of meetings going on.

    Enjoy cheaper washes at night without being woken up

    If you’re on the Economy 7 tariff, it costs less to do your laundry at night. With a quiet model, you’ll be able to take full advantage of off-peak energy costs, without having to worry about waking the family.

    Creates a more peaceful living environment

    Less noise equals more zen. Studies suggest that if you live in a peaceful environment, you’ll be a lot less stressed and anxious. So, by choosing a super-quiet washing machine, you’ll be making positive moves towards a heathier mindset.

    Shop our favourite range

    Samsung QuickDrive™ Wifi Connected 9Kg Washing Machine

    Tackle the weekly laundry with this Samsung washing machine in your corner. Thanks to the digital inverter motor, which uses brushless magnets instead of lots of moving parts, it’s a lot quieter to run and longer lasting. It comes with clever ecoBubble™ technology, which mixes water and detergent before the cycle starts. This means it’s already a foam by the time it hits your clothes, for better cleaning results. Plus, if you drop any socks coming down the stairs, the handy Addwash door lets you pop items into the drum mid-cycle too.

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    Shop our favourite

    Who might find them useful?

    Young families

    You’ll never be waking a sleeping baby with a super-quiet washing machine. You’ll be able to wash all the bibs, sleepsuits and school uniforms late into the evening without ever making a squeak.

    People who work shifts

    If you’ve just completed a night shift, getting a decent kip is so important. If you choose a model that’s designed to be quiet, you’ll be able to wash your uniforms whilst you sleep, without being disturbed.

    People who like quality

    If your appliance is making a racket, it’s usually because harsh vibrations are causing it to bounce along the kitchen floor. Because quiet models use brushless magnets, their motors run a lot smoother and create less friction. This helps them stay in great condition, make less noise and last longer too.

    People looking to cut back on their monthly bills

    Quieter washing machines tend to use less energy, because their motors are a lot more efficient. This means you’ll likely see a dip in your utility costs – quids in.


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