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    We simplify your life at home.
    Creating both ease of use and peace of mind.

    From mastering mealtimes to making clothes shine, Zanussi appliances are all about reliability and making your life easier. So, if you’re a fan of perfectly-cooked crispy chips and clothes that continue to feel brand new with every wash, Zanussi’s range is here to help.

    Cooking made easy

    Whether you’re an up-and-coming chef or a budding baker, Zanussi’s range of cooking appliances are full of features to help your creations taste even better. From pans that won’t ever boil over to ovens that clean themselves – yes, really – these appliances have it all.

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    No more scrubbing with Zanussi’s self-cleaning ovens. SelfClean simply burns away things like grease and leftover food at high temperatures, leaving just a pile of ash which you can simply wipe away. Easy.


    Ovens with this feature come with a specially designed tray with holes in the base. This means there’s better air circulation, so you can enjoy perfect fries, wings, or spring rolls without using any oil.


    Matching hobs and cooker hoods can chat to each other, automatically using the right setting to go with your cooking. So, you’ll get a fresher kitchen without any bad odours.

    Boil assist

    This handy hob feature detects when the water nears boiling point and automatically reduces power to a nice, gentle simmer.

    Freestanding cookers

    Just like the ovens, Zanussi’s freestanding cookers are full of tech to help you get better cooking results. Such as the AirFry tray, giving you crispy food with no need for oil.

    Cooker hoods

    Packed with features like the air cleaning Breeze function, Zanussi’s range of hoods keep kitchens fresh and free from any unpleasant cooking smells.

    Laundry made easy

    There’s a whole host of Zanussi laundry appliances for families of all sizes. Whether you put a wash on once or five times a week, Zanussi have plenty of programmes available to take care of your clothes and bedding in the right way.

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    Washing machines

    Whether you’re looking for a large 10kg model to fit the whole family’s laundry in or one that’s super quiet, you’ll be able to find the right Zanussi washing machine for you.

    Tumble dryers

    We’ve got vented, condenser and heat pump tumble dryers to choose from, so you can get one that’s right for your home. They’re all full of great features too, like sensors that work out the perfect drying time.

    Washer dryers

    Struggling for space? Zanussi’s washer dryers give you the best of both worlds. They’re still packed with special programmes to keep your clothes clean and fresh, like one that carefully washes delicate items such as wool and cashmere.

    Cooling made easy

    Speaking of cool pieces of tech, Zanussi’s fridges and freezers are full of them. Like the TwinTech® cooling system, which creates the perfect climate for both your fresh and frozen food, so everything stays in tip-top condition.

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    Dishwashing made easy

    Doing the dishes might not be your favourite chore, but Zanussi help make it that little bit easier. With tech like AirDry, the dishwasher door opens at the end of a cycle, letting natural airflow get rid of any remaining water. Dishes can go straight back in the cupboard, so you won’t have to spend time wiping them dry.

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