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    Best Dishwashers 2022

    The dishwasher… one of life’s great inventions that sees us swap our scourers and pruney fingers for a simple push of a button. Loaded with amazing features for all types of households, it can be tricky to work out which model best suits your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, popping our favourites into categories that you can browse below.

    Best slimline

    Looking for a dishwasher to fit a tight space in your kitchen? They may be on the smaller side, but slimline models still pack an almighty punch like their full-size older brothers. Enjoy the same fantastic programmes like Auto and Economy Wash, wrapped up nicely in a much neater package.

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    Bosch Serie 4 Slimline Dishwasher - White - E Rated



    Auto programme adapts settings to save time and energy

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    What makes these slimline dishwashers great?

    Quiet motor

    By using frictionless magnets instead of noisy brushes, the motor barely makes a sound. So, if your kitchen and living area is open plan, you won’t hear the dishwasher clunking away when you’re trying to watch a film with friends.

    Economy Wash

    If you don’t mind waiting a tad longer for your dishes, the Economy Wash is the best way to keep your energy bills low. The cycle uses less water too, so it’s really efficient yet still leaves your plates and cutlery sparkling.

    Extra Dry

    Because the Extra Dry function raises the water’s temperature during the final rinse, the hot air evaporates any lingering water drops. This means your dishes will be perfectly dry when the cycle ends, including your plastic containers and utensils.

    Auto programme

    Thanks to the clever auto programme, your cycle will never last longer than it needs to. It uses special sensors to check how dirty the water is, then will adjust the settings to suit your load – saving you time, water and energy if the dishwasher isn’t full.

    Best for a large family

    With so many mouths to feed, it’s no wonder your washing up pile seems never-ending. That’s why our family-friendly dishwashers hold up to 16 place settings and come with super-speedy quick wash programmes. With so much room to play with, you might as well invite the in-laws for dinner while you’re at it!

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    What makes these dishwashers great for large families?

    Holds lots of dishes

    With room to hold up to 16 place settings, you’ll never be short on space after a big family meal. So, whether you’ve got a dirty pile of dessert bowls or a collection of red-stained wine glasses, simply load them up and let the dishwasher work its magic.

    Quick wash

    Running low on plates when your guests are on their way? From the 30 minute quick wash to the even speedier 15 minute cycle, you can rest assured your dishes will be spotless before the doorbell chimes.

    Auto Dry

    With so many dishes to unload, the last thing you’ll want to do is dry them all by hand. Well, thanks to the Auto Dry feature, you won’t have to. When the cycle ends, the door will open automatically to let the steam out – meaning they’ll be ready to pop in the cupboard straight away.

    Control from your smartphone

    What better way to encourage your teens to do their chores than with their most prized possession – their smartphone. Simply download the app, pair your device with the dishwasher and let them schedule cycles every time they come sniffing for cinema money. Once they realise you can also customise your own programmes, there’ll be no stopping them!

    Best for drying plastic

    Love it or hate it, chances are there’s a fair amount of plastic lurking in your kitchen cupboards. But whether it’s a chopping board or a school lunch box, it’s likely they’ll still be wet at the end of your dishwasher’s cycle. Fed up of towel drying? You’re in luck, as the following dishwashers come with their very own drying system – so even hard-to-dry dishes will be ready to use straight away.

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    Hisense Standard Dishwasher - White - E Rated



    Residual heat from the wash is used to dry your dishes

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    Samsung Series 5 Standard Dishwasher - Stainless Steel - F Rated



    Condensing system dries dishes by recycling built-up heat

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    What makes these dishwashers great?

    Extra Dry

    There’s nothing worse than emptying a load to find water drops hanging on for dear life. Thanks to Extra Dry technology, you can leave your tea towel firmly in the drawer, as the heat from the wash is used to dry your dishes. It’s especially effective on plastics, so you can pop your Tupperware straight in the cupboard.


    The discreet VarioDrawer gives you a third pull-out basket to place your cutlery, freeing up space in the lower basket for clunky pots and pans. It lets you separate your knives and forks too, so they’ll always get an amazing clean.

    Best for glass

    If you’re partial to a fancy set of crystal tumblers, you might feel safer washing them by hand – especially if they’re an heirloom from your Great-aunt Mildred. But thanks to the dedicated glassware programme, you can swap your trusty Marigolds for the convenience of a dishwasher, without fretting that they’ll break mid-wash.

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    What makes this dishwasher great?

    Glass Care programme

    Because the Glass Care programme is really gentle, your prosecco and martini glasses will always be in safe hands. So, next time you load them into the dishwasher after a big celebration, you won’t have to worry about them cracking under the heat.

    3D Zone Wash

    Burnt-on food stains won’t stand a chance against the innovative 3D Zone Wash. It comes with 3 more spray points than standard dishwashers, giving you up to 40% more cleaning power – perfect if melted cheese is fused to your lasagne dish.