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    Best Headphones 2022

    From workout motivation to morning playlists, music plays a huge part in our lives, and a decent pair of headphones is an essential accessory. We’ve picked out some of the very best headphones for different needs, be it every day listening, all action gaming or sweat inducing exercise.

    Best headphones for exercise

    Whether you want your favourite music to push you through your morning run, or an electric playlist to get you in the mood for that gym session, we’ve listed some of the best headphones to get your blood pumping.

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    Sony WH-CH510 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black



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    What makes these a great choice?

    Ambient mode

    If you’re out on a run or a brisk hike, your music can help you go the extra mile. But with ambient mode you’ll still hear what’s going on around you to keep you safe and aware.

    Bluetooth connection

    Don’t let wires hold you back. Headphones with Bluetooth connection can connect to your device wirelessly at the touch of a button, so you can bust a gut without any restrictions.

    Long battery life

    The last thing you want while working out is your headphones to run out of battery. Models with all day battery lives will keep your tunes switched on for uninterrupted exercise.

    Quick to charge

    Less waiting, more listening. Look out for wireless headphones with super-fast charging. Some models will give you hours of battery life in just a couple of minutes of charge.

    Best headphones for music

    If you’re a music lover then a good quality pair of headphones are worth their weight in gold. From noise cancelling tech to comfy designs, we’ve picked out some of the best headphones and features for all things music.

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    What makes these a great choice?

    Over-ear design

    If music is a big part of your life, chances are you’ll be wearing your headphones most of the time. For hours of immersive listening, don’t look past headphones with an over-ear design. They cover your ears for the most immersive audio.

    Active noise cancellation

    When you’re out and about listening to your playlist, you don’t want to hear that person munching on the train or those roadworks drumming away. With noise cancelling tech, it reduces the noise around you, leaving just you and your music.

    Smart features

    A lot of the best headphones have handy smart features, from voice control that lets you switch a track with just a spoken command, to headphones that pause automatically when they’re removed.

    Quality craftmanship

    For music lovers, brands such as Bose, Sennheiser, Beats and Sony craft some of the very best headphones with crisp and clear audio, that’ll make your favourite tracks pop.

    Best headphones for phones

    If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to pair up with your smartphone, you’re going to want something small, wireless and just great all round. We’ve picked a few of our favourites as well as some of the very best features.

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    What makes these a great choice?

    In-ear design

    Possibly the most popular design, in-ear headphones are perfect for pairing with your phone. They’re small, comfy to wear and despite their size, offer great audio quality for streaming music, videos and taking calls.


    The best headphones for your smartphone are usually in-ear headphones, and that’s mainly due to their compact size. They’re discreet to wear, and they can slip in your pocket, so you can always have them on hand.

    Quick charge

    With wireless headphones becoming the norm, you going to want a pair that can charge up in no time. Some models like Sony’s in-ear headphones can give you an hour of power after just 10 minutes of charging.

    Ambient mode

    You’ll most often use your headphones when getting from A to B. With that in mind you’ll want a pair with ambient mode, this handy feature make sure you can still hear what’s happening around you when listening to your favourite music.

    Best headphones for TVs

    If you’re picking up a pair of headphones to hook up to your TV, you’re going to want something that packs a punch and brings those blockbuster films to life. We’ve listed a few of our favourites along with the features you should keep an eye on.

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    What makes these a great choice?

    Wireless design

    If you’re camping out in front of the TV all day, you don’t want to be held back by any wires. With a good pair of wireless headphones you can curl up wherever you like.

    Immersive audio

    For watching films and shows, you’re going to want over-ear headphones. They’re super comfy and better yet, they cover both of your ears for truly immersive audio.

    Transmission range

    Look out for headphones with a far-reaching transmission range. This lets your headphones hook up to your TV from further away, so you can move around your home without the sound cutting in and out.

    Listening modes

    Look out for headphones with different listening modes if you want the best cinematic experience. From modes that up the bass, to surround sound options, those heart stopping moments will sound and feel even better.

    Best headphones for gaming

    A quality pair of headphones is an essential accessory if you’re serious about gaming. The right pair will pull you further into your favourite titles. So, if you need a little help, we’ve chosen a few of the very best.

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    What makes these  a great choice?

    Wireless connectivity

    Enjoy a fluid gaming experience with a pair of wireless headphones. They’ll sync up to your console through a mini USB transmitter so you can tuck into your favourite titles without any wires tugging you back.

    Over-ear design

    Over-ear headphones are really the only option for gaming. Not only are your ears completely covered for incredibly immersive audio, the headphone cups themselves are super comfy.

    Flip-up mic

    Whether your teaming up or facing off against your friends online, you’ll want your voice to be heard. The best gaming headphones have a handy flip-up mic, which will make sure you’re always in the thick of the conversation.

    3D audio

    For the most immersive gaming experience, pick up a pair of headphones with 3D audio. This innovative tech will give you the full surround sound experience, putting you right at the centre of your favourite games.

    Best headphones for lifestyle

    For many people, headphones are an essential accessory for everyday life, whether that’s listening to music at work, or taking calls on your travels. With that in mind, we’ve pulled out some of our favourites.

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    Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) - White



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    Sennheiser CX 400 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Black



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    What makes these a great choice?

    Comfy in-ear design

    The popular in-ear design is ideal for general day to day use. They’re comfy, small and easy to take in and out, perfect for when you’re out and about.


    You can’t go wrong with a pair of wireless in-ear headphones. They’re comfy, light and you don’t have to faff about with any knotted wires on your morning commute.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    With wireless headphones, Bluetooth connectivity will let you easily hook up to your different devices be it your phone, tablet or your laptop.

    Quick to charge

    If you’re on the move a lot, look out for wireless headphones that are quick to charge. A lot of models can charge up within an hour or two, and some can even give you 60 minutes of power in just 10 minutes of charging.


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