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    Energy Efficient Dishwashers


    Some dishwashers come with specialist cycles designed to run really efficiently. Whether they use sensors to detect dirt and reduce waste, or they run at lower temperatures with less water, they'll save you energy while still getting everything sparkling clean. Ready to save the planet and a few pennies? You're in the right place.

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    ActiveWater is a revolutionary bit of technology from Bosch that ensures you get the most from every drop of water that your dishwasher uses. By reducing the amount of water in the rinse phase, increasing the heating-up times and improving pump performance, no water is wasted. By reducing water and energy consumption, this model reduces your impact on the environment and can help you to save money on your utility bills.

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    Eco 50°C

    With the handy Eco 50°C programme, you can shave a couple of pennies off your energy bill. It uses a longer wash cycle at lower temperatures, while still giving your plates a thorough clean. This means you get sparkling cookware while doing your bit for your wallet – and the planet. Neat.

    1/2 Load Flexizone

    If you only need to clean a few items, the Flexizone will help. It cleans smaller loads, saving time, energy and water. Because it still reaches every corner of the dishwasher, you can place those pots, pans and plates wherever you like. So, when there’s not a lot to wash up, you can still get everything spotless without having to wait for a full load.

    Low water consumption

    This Neff model uses as little as 6.5 litres of water while maintaining a high level of dish cleaning. Clever technology gets the most out of every drop by targeting water circulation and improving pump performance. The average dishwasher uses between 10 and 12 litres of water per wash, so you know you’re getting a really efficient appliance that can help you to save money on your utility bills while reducing your impact on the environment.