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    TV Brackets & Wall Mounts Buying Guide

    Check out the top 5 things you need to know when buying a bracket or wall mount for your TV with our handy guide.

    Mounting your TV to the wall using a bracket makes your home entertainment system less cluttered, saves on floor space and can help to give you the best viewing angles. It’s also a really safe and practical way to keep the screen away from any potential knocks and bumps.

    VESA dimensions

    It’s really important to find the right bracket for the size of your TV. To make things easier, there are a range of guidelines that match TVs to suitable mounts called VESA dimensions. Check the specifications on our TV product pages to find the correct figure for your model. If you already have your TV, the dimensions can be found in the product manual. Now, all you have to do is find a bracket that matches up to your TV.

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    Fixed wall mount

    A fixed wall mount is ideal as it allows you to place your TV close to the wall. They leave just enough space for your cables, leaving everything looking neat and tidy. If you’re considering a fixed wall mount, have a think about which wall it’s going to go on first. The bigger the wall the better as you’ll have more room to place it at the perfect height for your normal viewing angle.

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    Tilting wall mount

    With a tilting wall mount, you have the option to adjust your viewing angle either up or down. This is a good option for televisions that are placed quite high up, like on a bedroom wall. Tilting also helps to reduce glare and reflections from lights and windows and makes cable changes really quick and easy.

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    Full motion wall mount

    If you like to switch things up, a full motion wall mount is for you. You can tilt and swivel horizontally and vertically and even pull the TV to and from the wall, giving you complete flexibility over how you view your favourite shows. These are perfect for living rooms and open plan spaces as you can chop and change angles to suit where you’re sitting.

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    Things to check

    If you decide that mounting is for you, we suggest attaching the bracket to a robust wall that can take the weight of a large TV, rather than a cavity or partition wall. There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved in mounting a TV, so get someone to help you out; many hands make light work after all!

    TV Stand

    Your TV doesn’t have to be mounted on your wall to look good. If fitting a bracket isn’t for you, a stand might be just the ticket. That way, you’ve got somewhere to neatly store any consoles, Blu-ray players, and your favourite games or films. There are also options with cable management features, so everything will be tucked away and tidy. Sound good?

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