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What’s the difference between a juicer and a blender?

Find out what makes juicers and blenders different, and which one is best for you with our helpful article.

If you’re struggling to tell the difference between juicers and blenders, we have all the answers. So whether you’re blitzing up a healthy smoothie or treating the kids to some freshly squeezed orange juice, our guide will help you find the right appliance.

What is a juicer?

Simply put, a juicer separates juice from fruit and vegetables using blades. As the blades spin, pulp and pips are squeezed out, so you’ll end up with a very smooth, clear juice without any bits. With most juicers, you don’t need to cut up your ingredients – simply pop them in whole and the juicer does all the hard work for you.

Because juicers take large quantities of fruit and veg to get a decent sized glass of juice, you’ll pack loads of goodness and vitamins into your drinks. Some models come with extra attachments, like this Kenwood juicer that has a sorbet attachment, which gently crushes frozen fruit to make a tasty treat!

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What is a blender?

A blender whizzes up more than just fruit and veg, and you can often choose from a range of settings depending on how coarse you like your smoothie. Unlike a juicer, you do need to cut up your ingredients before putting them in the jug. The blender then uses a blade that pulverises all of the ingredients, so you’ll get a bigger, thicker smoothie.

This also means that all of the nutrients and fibre stay locked inside your food. Blenders tend to be more versatile, so you can blend hot soups and sauces too. Higher wattage blenders are also a bit hardier, so you can add nuts, dairy and ice without an issue. Many blender jugs are easy to clean, such as this Kenwood model which can be popped in the dishwasher.

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Juicing vs. Blending?

There’s no real benefit to choosing one over the other when it comes to juicers and blenders, as it really does depend on your preference. If you’re after the satisfying slurp of a thick, creamy smoothie, then a blender could be for you – especially if you’ll use it to make other dishes too. Juicers are perfect for a quick and easy fruit fix, as almost no preparation is required. They’re really simple to use and easy to clean, and are ideal if your kids prefer to drink their juice without bits in.

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