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What are the best food mixer attachments?

Check out the best attachments you can get for your food mixer and how you can use them to create culinary masterpieces.

Food mixers are the perfect tool for turning complicated recipes into effortless show-stoppers. If you fancy yourself to be the next star baker, check out our handy guide on what type of attachments can help you step up your baking game.


The most common attachment with a food mixer is the beater. This tool is great for mixing things like cake batter and bread dough without all the hard work. Kenwood models also have a K-beater attachment, which is specially designed to reach all areas of the bowl to make sure every ingredient and ounce of mixture is combined together thoroughly.

Kenwood beaters

Dough tools

Once your dough is properly mixed together, it’s time to knead. This is a tough old job if you’re doing it by hand, but a dough tool makes light work of it. The hook kneads the dough while keeping little pockets of air in there, so you’ll get beautifully fluffy bread, with very little effort.


The whisk tool does exactly what are promises. Kenwood food mixers, like this model, are equipped with a special wide balloon whisk. This will help whip up egg whites into a perfect meringue and it will get rid of any lumps in dry ingredients like flour. The special shape also helps to provide loads of volume, so you’ll get a light and fluffy texture whatever you’re whipping up.

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