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What are the best food processor attachments?

Check out what kind of attachments you can get for your food processor and how you can use them to whip up delicious recipes.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen, a food processor could be your perfect partner. Many models come with lots of different attachments, so you’ll be experimenting with all sorts of new dishes and flavours in no time. Check out our handy guide to the best food processor attachments and find the tools you need to become the next Heston Blumenthal!

Blade tools

Blade tools are one of the most common attachments that come with all food processors. The knife blade, also known as the multi-purpose blade, is used for chopping up fruits, vegetables and nuts. Kenwood food processors will also have a pulse function, so you can get the ideal consistency of ingredients for your recipe. Perfect if you want chunky veg for a hearty soup or fine biscuit crumbs for cheesecake bases.

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No prizes for guessing what this particular attachment does; it whisks! Ideal for beating eggs and other light mixtures, you’ll get deliciously fluffy meringues and perfectly whipped creams in no time at all – without all the arm ache! You can get typical metal beaters, but some models have an emulsifying disc which will do the same thing.

Slicing and grating discs

Available in a variety of sizes, these discs will finely slice all kinds of vegetables, so they’re perfect for helping you speed through food prep! Some models also have an extra fine grater that makes short work of tough ingredients. So you can enjoy fresh parmesan on top of your pasta or tasty chocolate on your desserts.

Mill or mini bowl

Food processors sometimes have smaller bowls that fit inside the main bowl. They have their own blade to slice and dice smaller amounts of food. This is perfect for preparing small amounts of ingredients when you’re only cooking for a few people or for chopping up more chillies to add an extra bit of heat to your curry.

Liquidisers and blenders

Perfect for when you’re on a health kick, the liquidiser attachment is ideal for making a smoothie or a protein shake after your workout. Unlike some food processors, this Kenwood model has a specially designed heat resistant jug, which means you can blend hot food like soups and sauces easily. Great if you need to hide veggies in your kids’ food!

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