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What is a fast juicer?

Discover how you can blast through your favourite fruity ingredients to make delicious drinks with a fast juicer.

Fast juicers – sometimes called centrifugal juicers – are great for whipping up a delicious, healthy fruit juice without the fuss. But what is it that a fast juicer does, and what are the benefits of fast juicing? Our article has everything you need to know, so you can choose the right model for you.

What is a fast juicer?

A fast juicer works by spinning your fruit and vegetables around a sieve and through a set of very sharp blades. Because the ingredients are spun so fast and then shredded, the juice gets separated from the pulp very quickly – meaning you get left with a clear fruit juice in no time at all. And because the pulp is separated into a container, you can make sure nothing is wasted by adding the leftovers to bakes and soups for extra flavour and fibre.

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What are the benefits of fast juicing?

The biggest benefit of using a fast juicer is how quick and easy it is to make your favourite juices. When it comes to preparing your ingredients, you’ll barely need to chop or peel and you can throw in big, chunky fruits like pineapple and mango without a worry. This is because a fast juicer separates the skin from your fruit and veg and dispenses the pulp in a container at the back of the juicer. With such powerful blades, you can go from having whole apples to a super-refreshing glass of juice in a matter of seconds.

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Is fast juicing better than slow juicing?

You may have heard that certain types of juicers make better drinks, but it really does depend on how you like to juice. There’s not really a difference in the quality of juice that you get from a fast or a slow juicer, just a difference in the way ingredients are processed. As the name suggests, fast juicers tend to be a lot quicker than slow juicers – as well as being a little easier to clean. So they’re ideal for when you’re in a hurry and want to prepare a simple, healthy treat on to the go.

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