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What is a slow juicer?

Discover what a slow juicer is, how it works and how you can benefit from using one.

Slow juicers – sometimes called cold-press or masticating juicers – sound a bit more complicated than they are. These nifty little appliances feature simple tech that’ll help you make the most of your fresh fruit and veg. We’ve put together some helpful info, so you can find out exactly what a slow juicer does and choose the right appliance for you.

What is a slow juicer?

Slow juicers use a slower-moving bladeless system to carefully press all of the juice out of your fruit and veg. It does this by grinding or gently crushing ingredients into a pulp, and then giving it a good squeeze. Most slow juicers, like this Kenwood model, have a chute that you feed your fruit and veg in to, so you may need to do a little bit of chopping up first. Your ingredients are then pushed down through the chute and into the juicer. Once squeezed, your delicious juice will filter out through a spout and into your glass.

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What are the benefits of slow juicing?

Slow juicers are really handy for juicing berries and smaller, softer fruits. This is because these types of fruit need to be broken down more slowly in order to get a good amount of juice from them. This means you’ll get every last bit of goodness from your ingredients. Because of the crushing motion you get with a slow juicer, they can also handle a huge variety of tougher ingredients too – including leafy greens like spinach, kale and wheatgrass.

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Is slow juicing better than fast juicing?

Some hard-core juice fans would argue that certain types of models produce better juices, but it really does depend on what you like to juice. There’s not a huge difference in the quality of juice that you get from a slow or a fast juicer, just a difference in the way ingredients are processed. A slow juicer takes a little longer to grind down fruit and veg, but in doing so, they really do get every last drop of goodness, making them great for whipping up large batches for the whole family to enjoy.

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