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    How To Use Your Tumble Dryer

    Get to know your new tumble dryer with a helping hand from our user guide. From what you can put in your dryer to using the settings, you’ll be well equipped to make the most of your new appliance.

    What can I put in my dryer?

    Check the label

    If a label has a circle inside a square, this means it’s ok to go in the tumble dryer. If your item has this same symbol with a cross, it can’t be put in the dryer. Always take a look at the care labels before popping your clothes to dry.

    Separate fabrics into loads

    Make sure you separate your laundry and dry similar fabrics together, as different fabrics tend to have different drying times.

    What else can I put in?

    As well as most clothes, you can tumble dry bedding sheets, pillowcases and towels. Any fabrics made from wool, cashmere, lace, silk, leather and suede can’t be tumble dried, unless your dryer has a special programme for them. And you also shouldn’t dry spandex items, bras or clothing with beads or sequins.

    How to use the settings

    Tumble dryers have a lot of nifty settings that make doing the laundry that little bit easier. Sensor drying will work out how wet your clothes are to make sure the cycle will leave everything perfectly dry. Look out for settings for fabric types such as cottons and synthetics too. Check out our quick video on how to make the most out of your settings.

    How to clean your tumble dryer

    Before you clean any part of your tumble dryer make sure you turn it off at the socket. Now you can pull out the lint screen and remove all the lint with a vacuum and wipe it down with a damp soapy cloth. Next you’ll want to clean inside the drum, and don’t forget to clean the door seal and sensor of any dirt and debris. You should clean the heat exchanger every month, or whenever the light indicates. Just run it under some water and then clean out its housing with a damp cloth. Take a look at our short video for more top tips on cleaning your tumble dryer.

    How to look after your tumble dryer

    If you want nice and dry clothes for years to come, then you’ll need to take care of your trusty tumble dryer. We recommend emptying and cleaning the filters after each use, as a build-up of lint in the filter can damage your machine. Make sure you don’t overfill your dryer or fill it up with bulky items like duvets, as you risk your machine overheating. In all cases we recommend looking at your product manual to find out how to look after it. For more help and advice, check out our short video.

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