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    How To Use Your Washing Machine

    We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get to grips with your new machine. Whether it’s your first or third model, you’ll understand all the settings and how to get the best out of it.

    How to fill your machine

    How much you can put in your washing machine will depend on the size of your drum. For example, a standard 7kg drum can fit about 10 towels in. You’ll want to separate the loads into clothes, towels and bedding. And, it goes without saying, you should always separate clothes into whites, light colours and dark colours. Check out our video for more top tips on how to properly load your machine.

    How to use the settings

    Washing machines tend to have a lot of buttons, and it can be tricky figuring out what they all do. Our quick video will run you through some of the most common washing machine settings, what they do and how you use them.

    What detergent should I use?

    There’s a lot of options to clean your clothes with. But what do you do with them and where do they go?

    • Liquid detergents – normally go in the detergent drawer, but some can be measured out and placed in the drum after your clothes.
    • Washing powders – measure out with the provided scoop and pour into the detergent drawer.
    • Washing tablets – The tablets can either be added to the drawer or the drum, before you add your clothes.
    • Laundry capsules – similar to tablets, just put one at the back of the drum before your clothes go in.

    We always recommend checking the product you’re using and your washing machine’s manual before you wash. Find out more about detergents and how to use them in our short video.

    How to look after your washing machine

    It’s important to give your machine a little love and care from time to time. A lot of models will have a maintenance wash setting, so make a habit of running this once a month to keep your machine in tip top shape. If yours doesn’t have this then run an empty wash on the highest temperature and that should do the job. You’ll also want to keep the compartments clean to stop any unwanted smells creeping in. Find out some more top tips in our short video.

    Using your appliance FAQs

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