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Mobile phone buying guide

Here are the top 6 things you need to know to help you find the perfect mobile.

On the hunt for a new phone? Whether you’re a Facebook fiend, a selfie savant or a traditional texter, make sure your phone pushes all the right buttons with our top 6 things to look out for.

Which OS is best?

Just like a computer, your mobile phone has an operating system that runs all the hardware and software on the device. Most smartphones will run on either Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

You’ll find Android on a whole host of devices. You can customise the the look and feel of the phone, tailoring it to your liking and with over 2 million apps available to download, it becomes truly unique. If Apple products float your boat, then iOS offers an extremely familiar and easy-to-use experience that you’ll love. Plus, connect it with other Apple devices and you can start an email from your iPhone and seamlessly move it over to your iPad or Mac.

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Picture perfect

For the budding photographers out there, smartphone cameras will knock your socks off. From incredible panoramic photographs and hilarious slow-motion videos to that all-important group selfie, your smartphone is the perfect tool to capture the moment.

Models with 12MP (megapixels) or more will give your snaps a great amount of depth and detail. While this is important, you should also look out for other snazzy features that make your photos stand out from the crowd. Some smartphones have more than one camera and low-lighting tech that help take captivating photos, day or night, so your Instagram masterpieces will really turn some heads.

More room for what's important

Struggling to find room for the latest apps or all those dog photos? It might be worth looking at mobiles with more storage. Models with 64GB of memory or more should be plenty to keep your favourite books, games and pictures forever.

Our smartphones range from 8GB to 128GB, so it’s important to get a model that suits your needs. If you can’t resist a pooch photo shoot, a bigger capacity might be a better fit. With a 128GB of storage, there’s room for almost 45,000 pictures of your darling dog!

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Big action on a small screen

These days, smartphones pack a surprising amount of detail on a small screen. Most models are about 5”, and the sharp visuals make everything from games to videos and even your wallpaper look stunning.

If you want to go bigger, the largest phones sport a stunning 6” screen, perfect for getting a sneaky Netflix binge in wherever you are and staying engrossed in the action.

Safe and secure

As those classic 80s sci-fi movies predicted, our technology can now recognise who we are. Most smartphones come with a fingerprint sensor, while more premium models have facial recognition or iris scanners.

Simply place your finger on your handset, crack a smile or show off those deep blue eyes and your phone will open up instantly. Whatever type of fancy biometric tech your phone has, it’s super quick, and it’ll stop your mates from taking hundreds of daft selfies on your phone.

Back to basics

If you’re not fussed about a flashy camera and futuristic features don’t tickle your fancy, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Our range of candy bar and flip phones boast an impressive battery life, outlasting most smartphones by more than a few days.

These models are designed with a retro feel, ideal for traditionalists who need a throwback to when phones were just that. Plus, some models come pre-installed with classic games like Snake! Who needs selfies, eh?

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