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    Gifts for the Music Lover

    Got a friend that’s always belting out a song? Or maybe a family member that loves to chill out with their tunes? From radios to headphones, we’ve got a load of gifts that’ll have everyone rocking around the Christmas tree.

    A favourite for the season

    Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd Gen)

    They’ll simply have a wonderful Christmas time with these Apple AirPods. Thanks to the top tech that creates stunning sound, their face will light up brighter than the tree when they unwrap these on the 25th.

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    Check out their features...

    Truly wireless

    Completely cable-free, they’ll be able to pop these in their ears, without having to spend half an hour de-tangling each bud. This means they can cut the faff and jump straight into their festive playlist.

    Knows when they’re listening

    Clever sensors in the Pods detect when they’re in someone’s ears. So, they’ll instantly start playing tunes when they’re in, and turn off when they’re out, meaning they’ll never be wasting their battery playing to no audience.

    Touch and voice controls

    They can lower the volume and change the track by tapping the Pods or asking Siri. However they choose to control their playlists, they won’t have to keep constantly reaching for their phone to do it.

    Wireless charging

    At the end of the day they can place the case on the wireless charger to let it recharge overnight. And there won’t be a load of wires cluttering up their bedside table either.

    Blast their tunes out loud

    Roberts Radio Revival RD70DE DAB / DAB+ Digital Radio with FM Tuner

    The Roberts Radio Revival is the ideal gift for anyone that uses the chores as an excuse for a good dance. Whether they’re dusting in the bedroom, or washing the pots in the kitchen, this radio will turn their house into a boogie wonderland.

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    Not convinced?


    The vintage design will add a chic touch to any corner of the house. Whether they choose to put it in the living room or bedroom, it won’t just be its sound that livens up the place.


    Thanks to the portable design, all their favourite tunes will be able to follow them around the house. Whether they’re relaxing amongst the bubbles in the bath, or having a post-Christmas clear out, they’ll be able to do it all to their best bops.

    20 pre-set stations

    With 20 spaces for them to save their most loved FM and DAB/DAB+ stations, they won’t have to fiddle around with the tuner to find a certain breakfast show. Instead, they can pop it straight on and laugh along with the presenters as they’re getting ready for the day.

    Alarm clock

    When Christmas is over (boo) and it’s time for them to get back into their morning routine, they can rely on the alarm clock to wake them up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So, they might even have time to grab a coffee before they shoot out the door.

    A party in their head

    Sony WH-XB700 On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black

    For anyone that’s music mad, these Sony headphones will truly make it the most wonderful time of the year. Not only will they sound great, but they look amazing too, meaning they’ll be bopping into 2021 with some serious style.

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    Look at what they can do...

    Extra Bass technology

    The Extra Bass tech will really rock their world. By creating club like sound, they’ll be able to jam out in their head, without it disturbing your silent night.

    Quick charge

    From 10 minutes of charge, these headphones will get a power boost to help them last for 90 minutes. So, it doesn’t matter if they weren’t charged up overnight, as your forgetful friend will be able to power them up while they’re getting ready.

    Foldable design

    When they’ve sang their heart out, they can fold the headphones up to save a little space. This way, they won’t have to take a big bag out with them every time they want to bring their tunes along too.

    Built-in mic

    With a lot of people working from home, the built-in mic means that these can also be used for video calls. Perfect for big meetings with the team, this will make sure your workaholic is always heard loud and clear.

    Their fitness buddy

    Powerbeats Pro In-Ear Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

    Put the extra thought in for the gym-goer in your life by picking up a pair of headphones that are specially designed for sports. Once they’ve ripped this open, they’ll be able to have a holly jolly Christmas, filled with food and wine, knowing these will give them the motivation to get back to their workout routine.

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    How they'll help with the workout...

    Sports style

    Designed with little clips to go over the ears, no amount of star jumps will have these falling off. And since they’re completely wireless, your gym-freak will be able to ace a set of burpees without any cables getting tangled around their arm.

    24 hour battery life

    Thanks to the 24-hour battery life, these will keep the reindeers pumped as they do their lap around the globe. This means they’ll easily last a whole workout and won’t need charging up every single night.

    Water resistant

    With a water and sweat resistant design, they’ll have no problem braving the typical British weather for an evening run. So, if the heavens open up as they hit 2km, these will keep the tunes flowing to push your running champ forward.

    Different volume controls for each ear

    Both the buds can play at different volumes. This is really handy if they’re out on a run, as they’ll be able to lower the volume in one ear to listen out for traffic, while still pumping out the tunes in the other.

    Music to their ears

    Philips Hi-Fi Over-Ear Wireless Headphones - Black

    For the serious music critics, these Philips headphones create top-notch sound that’ll leave them writing a 5-star review. Since they connect to the TV, they’re great for reliving concerts or watching a film.

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    All their best bits...

    Over-ear design

    By completely covering the ears, the design blocks out the world and lets them focus on all the sounds from a live performance or action movie. From the crowds screaming at Glasto to a gripping scene in Bond, this will make them feel like they’re in the middle of it all.

    32mm speaker driver

    They’ll be able to hear every little detail thanks to the premium audio created by the 32mm speaker drivers. From an instrument in a song to footsteps in a horror movie, they’ll catch every sound.


    With a design that’s free from wires, they’ll be able to easily move around while they’re listening to the action. This means when they’re watching a film, they can grab a few snacks from the fridge and still hear everything that’s going on.

    Self-adjusting headband

    The special headband automatically moulds to the shape of their head. So, they can just pop them straight on, without having to mess around to get the fit right first.

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