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    How to look after your washing machine

    Find out how to keep your washing machine fresh and clean with this handy guide

    Keeping your washing machine clean ensures it will work at its best for longer. Discover the key places to keep sparklingly clean and the simplest ways to do it using stuff you’ve already got in your cupboards. Treat your washing machine like royalty and your clothes will love you forever!

    Keep the drawer fresh

    The detergent and softener drawer can get clogged up with old liquids. Yuck. This can cause some unpleasant smells, unreliable washing results and even blockages. So, it’s good to give it a clean regularly.

    • Take the drawer out so you can reach all those corners and edges.
    • Use hot soapy water and a toothbrush and get scrubbing.
    • Say a not-so-fond farewell to mould, limescale and other nasty germs.

    Clean the filter

    Some washing machines will have a clever filter that catches fluff, coins or anything else that’s been left in your pockets. Clever, right? Keep it working correctly and prevent blockages and leaks by giving it a good clean.

    • Make sure the machine is off. Then, grab a shallow tray and open the filter door.
    • Twist the handle or unclip to take the filter out.
    • Pull out anything that may be causing a block. If you find any coins, pocket them before anyone sees you; we won’t tell…
    • Soak the filter in hot water if you’re struggling to budge the blockage.
    • Give it a rinse and you’re good to put it back in the machine

    Get to work on the seals and drum

    Now it’s time to freshen up the seals and the drum in one clean swoop. If you smell something funny, the chances are, it’s the drum. The seals are a nice little hiding place for bacteria, so it’s important to keep them clean.

    • Grab some white vinegar and a cloth or cotton buds.
    • Drop some of the vinegar onto the cloth or cotton buds and wipe along the seal to banish any lingering bacteria.
    • Now, pour 500ml of that germ-blasting white vinegar straight into the empty drum.
    • Run a hot wash at 90°c or higher. If your machine has a drum clean cycle, this will also do the job if you run it once a month.
    • Adios smellies!

    Take care after every wash

    Now you know how to clean, let’s look at keeping it fresh. After every wash, simply opening the detergent drawer and the door lets air flow through and stops those musky, damp smells settling in.

    We mentioned detergent build-up before and the problems it can cause. Next time you wash your clothes, just double check the instructions on your detergent. Make sure you’re using the recommended amount to prevent the build-up of gunk in the drawer.

    Follow all these steps and welcome your clean, gleaming washing machine!