Powerful cleaning, superior design

Why choose Miele?

With every product tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, you’re getting lasting quality with Miele. On this page you’ll find out how to take care of your delicate dishes and glassware with a Miele dishwasher. But don’t just take our word for it; Miele was voted Which? Best Home Appliance Brand for 2016.

Which Awards 2016

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Superior design
and quality

Your Miele dishwasher is built and tested to last for 20 years. Clever design means more room for even your biggest pots and pans. Flexible features like the 3D cutlery tray make it adjustable and easy to load. Large capacity means more place settings, so Miele dishwashers are ideal for cleaning up after a hearty dinner.

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Standard Dishwasher

5 / 5

Can you be in love with
a dishwasher?

This is a brilliant machine replacing a previous
Miele dishwasher that lasted over 20 years.

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Powerful washing
in under an hour

Your dishes will be spotless in under an hour thanks to Miele’s Quick Power Wash. Achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results in just 58 minutes, with a powerful jet of water and specially designed detergent tabs. Perfect for dinner parties and family gatherings – simply pop on between courses and enjoy gleaming dishes in no time.

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Standard Dishwasher

5 / 5

This is a
brilliant machine

“Replacing a previous Miele dishwasher that lasted
over 20 years. The build quality is superb.”

Miele Quick Power Wash dishwashers

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Go seamless
with integrated

When it comes to integrated, Miele have considered every last detail. An integrated Miele dishwasher will fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Specially designed steel finishes banish fingerprints and make for fuss-free cleaning. There’s even a door that opens without a handle – simply give the dishwasher a couple of taps to get inside.

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Fully Integrated Dishwasher

5 / 5

A classy dishwasher
that's worth investing in

This is a great, quality dishwasher and so easy
to use, I'd highly recommend it to my friends and family.