Customer Reviews — tado Additional Smart Thermostat DIY Install - White

Customer Reviews — tado Additional Smart Thermostat DIY Install - White

tado Additional Smart Thermostat - DIY Install - White
  • Smart thermostat - control your heating remotely
  • Control it from your phone or tablet
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Controls combi boilers, and boilers with separate tanks
  • Easy DIY installation – start using it straightaway
4.7 / 5

Does what it says it does

Thermostat is great but I didn't realise it didn't include the bridge so needed that to work/connect to WiFi. This was most likely to be me not reading the information properly. Also need to subscribe to Tado for the location services to be automated (my old Tado didn't need this subscription)

Smart stat

Great piece of kit, replaces a standard thermostat and allows either the smart thermostat or any of Tado's smart rad valves to bring the boiler on.

Tado Smart Heating

Started using Tado on our older Powermax 185 as it was the only smart Thermostat that could be easily connected without a complete and complex rewiring. It worked fine and we added smart radiator thermostat when they came out, which gave us even more control. Recently we had a new state of the art system boiler fitted and having spent a significant amount on these we opted to add an extension kit on advice of the fitter who stated that we couldn't better this system with any alternative. The extension kit gave us the option to fit extra smart thermostats to give even better control of each room and although not a cheap option A.O special offer prices were so good we bought four for the same price as just two from other retailers. Really happy with our purchase and looking forward to great control and savings on our energy.

Complete smart heating solution from tado

After reading reviews of 5 different smart heating systems, I decided to buy a complete solution from tado. Wasn't disappointed. Our setup consists of 23 smart radiator thermostats, 2 smart thermostats, internet bridge and extension box for hot water. Although the product is marketed as ‘DIY’, in my case I wouldn’t dare to install it myself. My installation required rewiring existing heating zones, so the new smart thermostats bypass the old three-way programming unit; so I was glad I had a skilled gas engineer to do it for me. Probably because my old system wasn’t a straightforward replacement (the management of heating zones ‘moved’ from the old programmer unit to two smart thermostats), tado couldn’t supply complete like-for-like install instructions. Instead the gas engineer and myself had to go back of forth with tado support several times. Tado support guys were exceptionally responsive – through IM, emails and even on the phone. So at the end everything was installed and is working as designed. All three types of tado devices – smart thermostat, smart radiator thermostat, extension kit and the internet bridge are of high quality build (I even managed to drop one of the radiator thermostats on hard tiled floor, with no visible damage). The installation steps were well thought-through, clear and easy to follow. The overall management of devices and heating through the web app, windows app or mobile app (Android) is very good. Would suggest a few improvements – copy and paste of heating schedules would simplify the initial setup, a master ‘heating off’ button would be useful too. Though these functions might be coming in the future, they were mentioned in forums or the responses from tado support. Too early for me to judge whether we’ve started realising any significant energy savings, but being able to turn off individual rooms which are unused must be helping the overall energy bill. Automatic geofencing also works nicely and as expected, while it keeps track of all four members of our family. Each room/thermostat has an ability to adjust the measured temperature vs the actual temperature (in cases where the radiator is e.g. behind a curtain). Overall very satisfied with tado, can only highly recommend.
Martin M

Good Overall, Shame about the Subscription

I've previously had a Nest Thermostat for 18 months. However we recently moved house which gave me the opportunity to see what other options there are. Tado's range is very flexible and if you're willing to invest in it gives you very fine grained control over your heating. I'm the kind of DIYer who's perceived ability exceeds my actual and I managed to install this with relative ease. The only drawback I've found with this is the subscription for what I would deem basic features (e.g. Geofencing). It's not much and it can be enabled and disabled readily but still. As a tip, you can get around it by buying a v3 or older (anything but v3+) and make a one off payment.

Additional Thermostat

Already have a couple of Tado stats which were purchased direct at full price plus installation. Ultimately will need 10 plus new stats so pretty costly with installation. Great price from AO and decided to do self install which couldn’t have been easier with the right tools to ensure power correctly isolated. A simple straightforward and ( in my view) contemporary looking smart heating solution that you can fit, configure and forget but can manage from your phone, tablet or voice assistant when required.

Easy to use & fit

Easy to use and fit and works from mobile. Brilliant. Just need more radiator thermostats now

Good product with swift delivery

Product is okay but delivery is quick. It arrived in 48 hours after order. Tado customer service is bit lousy but is fantastic place to buy good products.
J Shah
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