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    Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black

    Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black

    Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller - Black
    • Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch
    • Connect to the console wirelessly or via USB
    • HD Rumble creates precise vibrations for immersive play
    • 40 hour battery life for handheld gaming
    • Recharges when connected to the Nintendo Switch console
    4.9 / 5

    Great value, great product

    If you play games often you'll need one of these. The pro controller is a really neat peice of tech, with everything the grip controllers have but with better shape for handling and long lasting battery. Is it worth shelling out for? If you play games that require long sessions or uses multiple buttons in game, the pro controller adds quality to your gaming.

    Fab controller

    Excellent controller. Battery life is great and feels comfortable in the hands
    Miss B

    A great controller at a great price

    This controller is so much better than using the Joy cons in the grip and still has the motion controls. This makes it by far the best way to play some of the bigger games on switch like Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Zelda

    Great product, quickly delivered

    Considering the current pandemic situation, it is a great product for some downtime gaming. Regarding the product, yes it may be expensive, but it really is the only good way for prolonged gaming with a Nintendo switch. It's really comfortable to hold and the battery life so far is awesome (some saying it should last around 40-60 hours!). I would recommend this for anyone who wants to game with a good controller which feels sturdy and should last long. I'm glad I didn't go for a cheaper alternative as this should last me much longer in comparison.

    Switch pro controller

    The quality of the project is amazing. I’ve got a third party controller and the pro controller is better in every way. The battery life on this is around 4x better than any third party controller.

    Pro controller

    Didn't like holding the system so thought I'd leave the switch in the cradle and play with a pad best decision ever much easier in my opinion pad does everything I need it to

    Nintendo switch pro controller

    Lot of money but cheapest about does exactly as it should delivered early well packed no complaints what so ever great job ao.com

    Quality controller

    Been using this for around a week for zelda, beyonetta and super metroid. I am finding it much easier to control than the joycons, particularly the d-pad which is a traditional design rather than separate buttons. The analogue sticks are excellent, as is the overall weight, battery life and build quality. The face buttons are on the large side so those with small hands may not find them ideal.