Customer Reviews — Kenwood MultiPro Compact - Silver

Customer Reviews — Kenwood MultiPro Compact - Silver

Kenwood MultiPro Compact FDM312.SS With 12 Accessories - Silver
  • 12 accessories included
  • 1.2 litre capacity
  • Pulse function helps reach the ideal consistency
  • Has a special tool designed for kneading dough
  • Choice of speeds to suit any task
4.8 / 5

Fab Food Processor

This is not only a compact and good looking food processor but its very sturdy and does a super job Was worried that it'll either shred too chunky or too fine, but it turned out to be perfect. Now I'm confident in trying out other recipes only to use this more and more!

Ten out of ten

Lovely product,great value for money.Looks fantastic,especially like the dough hook. Ten out of ten.
Kate Coates

Looks good

Looks good, with lots of accessories.
K Love

Overall great product

Excellent product, works quickly, lots of good accessories. Somewhat noisy.
Y Frankel

Is the best

Is good

Overall great processor for cooking in lockdown!

I bought this processor after ages deliberating and comparing to other brands. I like that it comes with a weighing scale, this means I can worry less about converting between metric and US a measurements for recipes as I can use my cups for US measurements, and the scales for metric. I am also working in the NHS so this whole bundle is VERY convenient for me. A bit tricky to fit the the parts on but maybe I was just being over cautious about breaking them- I was bearing in mind reviews saying the parts are fragile/easily broken. But in all honesty, the parts don’t feel as flimsy as was made out in the reviews. Only the whisk looks a bit weak as it is like a thin plastic attached to the metal part of the whisk but I doubt I will break it. I found it a little tricky figuring out which side of the plates to put down but it’s a matter of remembering to double/triple check before you close everything in and start processing (found this out the hard way when I basically minced mushrooms!). Overall a great product with different options/parts for both the everyday cook and once-week/cook (I am the latter).

If you can't get Gordon Ramsey, then get this Kenwood device.

Brilliant piece of kit, easy to use and it saves a great deal of time, real value for money.
Mervyn Yardley

Good product

Really good product would definitely recommend
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