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    Customer Reviews - Hisense I6456C 60cm Induction Hob - Black

    Customer Reviews - Hisense I6456C 60cm Induction Hob - Black

    Hisense I6456C 60cm Induction Hob - Black
    • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
    • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
    • Easy-to-use touch controls
    • Combine two zones to create a larger cooking area
    • Dimensions (cm) - H5.4 x W59.5 x D52
    4.9 / 5

    Good quality and easy to use

    We moved and inherited a ceramic hob. Hated it on sight and found it very difficult to get used to after having an Induction hob for the previous 5 years. So when one if the main use rings went on the ceramic hob I couldn't wait to get a new one. The Hisense isn't the mist expensive but it's fabulous. Love the bridged zone ability and the fact that you dont have to click up and down on the settings to get the level you want. Just press the number. It's responsive, clean and easy to use. Looks great too.

    good hob for good price

    Looks better than on a picture. Many helpful functions and cooks very quick

    Great product

    Love this hob, induction works very well. Looks fantastic and have plenty of features, worth much. Recommended !!!!!!

    Fantastic, feature rich and flexible induction hob

    This Hisense Induction Hob has been fantastic and is so much more responsive, flexible and efficient compared to our previous ceramic hob - definitely wish we had converted over to induction a lot sooner! The hob itself has an amazing array of helpful features, including the iq programmes that help with a number of cooking features like super fast boiling with large pans of water, searing and melting options. The automatic pan detection makes placing and setting a temperature so easy and convenient, as well as the pause all cooking and recall if someone comes to the door or the phone goes. There's also some really nice touches like the option to move a pan backwards or forwards on the hob to adjust the temperature, and automatic child lock so you don't forget to lock the hob when you power off to stop naughty cats in our case from reactivating it! The flex zones to join together both the front and back hob sections on both sides (left and right) of the hob has also been so useful for large pans or even multiple pans as well as metal trays to cook. The finesse of the control and heat as well as how quickly the pans can heat is nothing short of amazing compared to a ceramic hob - it has all of the control and precision of gas (if not more) yet at a much higher efficiency too - we've actually stopped using our electric kettle as a metal kettle on this hob can boil water faster than the electric kettle ever could. There can be some perhaps very unnerving or unusual noises when you first switch to induction too, such as a vibration or almost 'electrical' humming type noise - this is only noticeable when using the hob on a very high or extreme setting and usually a large pan of liquid - but it is completely normal and you do get used to it. It isn't overly loud at all either, just perhaps a little unusual compared to gas and ceramic counterparts. The hob also cleans very easily if things should spill and overall it looks very smart compared to some of the other alternatives - the display and a lot of the buttons are actually hidden until you power on the hob and select certain options which isn't shown very well in some of the photos - making it a very minimalistic when powered off and a very 'clean' look to the top of it. Probably the most difficult part of switching to this induction hob has been replacing some of our pans to be induction compatible but it is well worth the effort to do so. I couldn't recommend this Hisense induction hob enough though, and I am so pleased with the quality, features and efficiency of it - if you ever doubted induction, trust me it's worth it - especially with this hob!
    Joel S