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    Customer Reviews - Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke And CO2 Alarm - Mains Powered

    Customer Reviews - Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke And CO2 Alarm - Mains Powered

    Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke And CO2 Alarm - Mains Powered
    Save £5
    Was £106
    • Smart alarm monitors smoke and carbon monoxide
    • Instant alerts let you know what's going on at home
    • Silence false alarms from your phone
    • 10 year lifespan for long-term protection
    • Integrated light with motion sensor
    5 / 5

    Adding extra units was easy

    2 new Nest protect units came to join an existing one. Setup was straight forward. You might want to consider taking a picture of the QR code and information on device before installing it on the ceiling. Note: Nest Protect can only join 2.4GHz WiFi network. Many years after setting up our first unit, Nest Protect is still the best product in its category.

    Pricey but worth it in my opinion

    These things are expensive when you compare them to a regular wired alarm, but they are good, and what price do you put on safety. Some of the features might seem a little gimmicky on first glance, but with young kids they are actually quite useful. Night lights to show the exits for instance, and voiced warnings before an alarm telling you of where the problem is, rather than all alarms going off and giving you no idea why or what’s happened. Also, with most other systems you can’t mix battery and wired alarms, so unless you get every location spot on when first installing cables, you can’t add any additional rooms at a later date, but with these all you need is either mains power, or batteries as they don’t require a signal cable between every alarm like others. They also perform their own periodic test so if you struggle to remember to do this yourself, you get a little chirp every now and then to tell you and a report in an app. Happy days.

    Easy to set for a HUGE piece of mind to protect the family

    Pretty easy to install on the existing wiring. The set up of the alarms is really simple just like all other Nest devices. I bought two of these to replace the existing devices that seem to be programmed to annoyingly 'pip' in the middle of the night, which these are guaranteed not to do. The Nest devices so far haven't had any false alarms due to steam from showers, which the old devices were sensitive to, I've tested them for this specifically. The night light function is really useful too.
    Chris Lydon

    Nest alarm

    Easy to fit, nice design and would buy again
    ian laybourn

    Good smart alarms

    Good product all around. It is easy to install and set up, I had the wired version and was able to get the three set up in about half an hr. The nest app interface it's ok but I was expecting a bit more interaction with it. But it is ok as you can set up different functions for the night light. The real plus of those smoke alarms is the pre warning functionality, they do not start screaming but warn you of the possible alarm being triggered, ideal for false alarms where you have the time to silence it. Pricey but overall a good item!

    Great product

    Great product

    Will never go back to a £20 b and q one again !

    Amazing item , love how it tells you it detects smoke before sounding the alarm giving you time to silence . (Amazing if you have dogs so can stop if when you burn toast so you don’t make them scarper) I’ve had it notify me once about smoke when I’ve been out and turned out to be I left a candle on upstairs so was brilliant ! Love also how it connects to my nest central heating so when it detects smoke or co2 it turns the heating off to stop the gas too. Well worth the money.
    Joe morrison

    Worth the extra money

    Very easy to install. Also have a battery powered in the summer house which is linked via the app. Yes they are expensive but they are worth every penny
    Alan E
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