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Introducing thei-Dos washing machine

i-Dos is the world's first self-dosing washing machine. You simply fill your detergent drawer once a month and i-Dos will work out exactly how much detergent and softener you need for each wash, giving your clothes the perfect clean at the push of a button.

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One of a kind.

i-Dos automatically measures the exact amount of detergent and softener needed for your wash, so your clothes receive the perfect clean. You'll save on liquid detergent too. It does this by using intelligent sensors to detect the weight of your laundry, the level of soiling and fabric type. You won't have to top up the detergent drawer every time either, as i-Dos machines can hold around 20 washes worth of detergent, so you can just pop in your clothes and relax.

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Greener products, cleaner planet.

i-Dos washing machines automatically adapt wash time and energy usage to save you time, energy and money. In fact, you can save an incredible 7062 litres of water a year, while also using up to 60% less energy than a standard A rated model - keeping your pocket and the planet happy at the same time. It even cuts down on overdosing, wash times and unnecessary rinsing, so you'll save money on expensive liquid detergent too.

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Don't worry about stains.

From coffee to cosmetics, autoStain technology tackles 16 different types of stains by optimising your wash settings. All you need to do is select the type of stain you want to remove and the machine will alter the drum action, water level, wash time and temperature - taking the hassle out of your laundry.

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