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Beautiful style,
exceptional performance

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Make the most of moments that matter with Whirlpool

Experience superior performance and get perfect results, every time. Whirlpool's intuitive 6th SENSE technology across their range of washing machines, fridges, ovens and dishwashers takes the guesswork out of your chores. So you'll save time, money and energy.

Supreme Care for your clothes

Enjoy whisper quiet washes and delicate drying with Whirlpool's clever laundry range. Thanks to ZEN technology you’ll enjoy performance so peaceful you'll hardly know the machine is on. Intelligent 6th SENSE technology will sense how heavy and dirty your wash load is, adapting the cycle to give you the best results. Meaning you'll make incredible savings on energy, water and time.

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The cleanest dishes
in just an hour

Spend less time waiting for clean dishes with Whirlpool's dishwashing range. 6th SENSE technology automatically detects and monitors how dirty your dishes are, changing the cycle time and water pressure to suit your load. So your crockery will get an incredible clean, using as little as 6 litres of water.

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Whirlpool - The cleanest dishes in just an hour

Fresher for longer

You'll enjoy long-lasting food freshness with 6th SENSE FreshControl. This technology carefully monitors and adjusts the humidity and temperature levels of your fridge and freezer, locking in all of that lovely goodness and flavour in your food. And with Supreme Dual NoFrost that stops the build-up of ice, you'll never have to spend time manually defrosting.

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Whirlpool - Fresher for longer

precise cooking

Tuck into perfectly prepared meals cooked with Whirlpool's oven range. You'll save time thanks to 6th SENSE technology, which automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature to give you beautiful cooking results and evenly browned bakes. And with Whirlpool's first ever induction oven, you'll cook your food in up to half the time, using 50% less energy.

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Whirlpool - Efficient, precise cooking