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    Best Fridges for 2024

    Fridges – they keep your veg crisp, your milk fresh, and your tummy full. We love them, and we couldn’t live without them (literally). We’ve got a huge range in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve gathered a few of our top picks to help make choosing your next chiller easier than ever.

    Best all-rounders

    All all-rounder fridge gives you a little bit of everything. From door shelves to store your cartons, to crisper drawers for tasty salads and even a wine rack for a cheeky tipple, they’ve got enough features to suit any kitchen and every taste.

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    Best integrated fridges

    An integrated fridge is designed to sit snugly alongside the rest of your kitchen cabinets, neatly hidden away until you need it. They usually fit underneath your worktop, so they tend to be a bit smaller. But they’re great for keeping the essentials fresh.

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    Best capacity fridges

    Ideal for large families, these big fridges can hold a whole load of shopping – up to 24 bags, in fact. They start at around 180cm and only get taller from there, so you can choose the exact size to suit your needs. It also means they can fit a few extra features inside, so you can expect lots of different drawers and shelves for all sorts.

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    Best fridges with water dispensers

    These fab fridges offer all the food chilling goodness you’d expect and have an extra trick up their sleeves (or on their doors). They’ve got a special dispenser that can either be hooked up to the rest of your plumbing or filled manually for a refreshing glass of ice-cold water anytime – perfect for cooling off on hot days.

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    Best budget fridges

    Depending on your budget, there are loads of great brands and features to choose from. So, whether you’re after something that’s cheap and cheerful or you’ve got a bit more to spend on some extra features, you’ll always be able to find the right one for you.

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    Best energy-efficient fridges

    It’s not a revelation that fridges have to be plugged in and running 24 hours a day – you wouldn’t fancy the milk inside if it wasn’t. So, it makes perfect sense to shop for an energy-efficient model, right? They use a minimal amount of power to make sure food stays chilled and fresh while not racking up a huge bill.

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    Fridge Buying Guide

    If you fancy finding out more about our fridges and their fab features, you can check out our Buying Guide. We’ve put together loads of info about different brands, some handy hints, and even some tips on measuring up.

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