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    Fridge Buying Guide


    Looking for your first fridge? Or maybe you need a replacement? Either way, there are a lot of things to consider when shelling out for a brand-new fridge. From size, split type and features, our guide will help you choose your new appliance.

    Things to know

    Energy rating

    Understanding energy ratings is one of the first things that'll help you narrow down your search for the perfect fridge. The energy rating range from A-G, with A being the most efficient. So, your food stays fresh, and you get to save some energy too.


    We all want a fridge that stands the test of time, but even top-quality models need a little protection, just in case. The standard warranty for a fridge is usually 1 or 2 years. Some also have cover for specific parts like the motor, which can go up to 20 years. You’ll find the warranty info for each model in the product specification on our product pages.

    Number of shelves

    The number of shelves inside varies depending on the size, but it can range from 2 in an undercounter model, to 7 or more for an upright. Some also come with removable or adjustable shelves, so you have the room you need for larger items, like tall bottles.

    Total capacity

    Of course, finding the perfect fridge means working out the right size to suit your shopping. Fridge capacity is measured in litres, and ranges from around 89 to 400 or more, depending on whether it’s a mini fridge, undercounter or an upright model. We’ve worked out how many bags of food can fit in for you – you’ll find the information on every product page. So, finding the right one will be a doddle.

    Fit types

    The fit type of your fridge can either be freestanding or integrated. A freestanding model can be placed pretty much anywhere in your kitchen and can be taken with you when you move. An integrated model sits behind a cupboard door for a modern look. So, if the rest of your appliances are built-in, an integrated fridge keeps your kitchen sleek and streamlined.


    Fridges are measured in height, depth, and width – you’ll find this information on the product page. For integrated models, it’s especially important to make sure it fits into the housing unit.

    Key Features

    Keep food fresh

    Storing your groceries is as simple as popping them in the fridge and closing the door, right? Not always - food can be fussy. But thankfully, there are plenty of appliances that are kitted out with clever tech that gives everything from your cheese to your peas the perfect environment for staying fresh.

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    Flexible space

    Whether you’re prepping for a party or stocking up on veggies, you want to keep those tasty ingredients organised. A fridge or freezer with flexible space makes storing your meats and treats extra easy. From adjustable shelves to zones that can switch from a fridge to a freezer, these appliances can be customised to your every need.

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    With a smart-connected fridge or freezer, keeping on top of your groceries is easy. From built-in cameras to remote temperature control, you get everything you need for simple storage right in the palm of your hand.

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    Frost reduction

    Tired of wasting your weekends scraping out icy build-ups? We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are plenty of top-notch models out there that do the hard work for you– by preventing the problem in the first place! That’s exactly what frost reduction is all about, so you can actually enjoy your Saturdays.

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    Turn your fridge into a hydration station with an in-built water dispenser. Whether it’s a glass to keep you going after a run or you’re trying to avoid fizzy drinks, just press the button or lever and you’ll be feeling refreshed before you know it. Plus, it doesn’t matter if it’s plumbed or not, you won’t have to worry about lukewarm beverages thanks to the clever cooling tech that keeps water chilled.

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    Large interior drawer

    If you’re stocking up for a Sunday roast or need some extra room for your weekly shop, go for a model with a large interior drawer. These keep everything from bags of potatoes to punnets of strawberries neatly organised and safe from being squashed. Now, getting at your ingredients won’t feel like a game of Jenga – sounds good to us

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    Holiday mode

    Why waste money cooling empty space while you’re soaking up the sun? Whether it’s an impromptu weekend break or a well-deserved week abroad, these fridge freezers have an energy-saving holiday setting for when you’re away. This clever feature uses less energy and can even switch off sections entirely when they’re not in use – that’s one less thing to worry about as you take in the sights.

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    Drinks door

    Whenever you open the fridge door, you’re letting cold air out. You live in a busy household, everyone grabbing a quick drink will mean the door is open pretty often.. These fridge freezers have a special door designed to let you grab something quickly without wasting energy.

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    Your fridge freezer works hard to keep everything fresh and antibacterial tech helps it work even harder (so you don’t have to). There are bags of nifty features that help your greens last longer, hold onto their nutrients, and even stop nasty smells from invading your fridge.

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    Energy Efficient

    Looking to make some savings on your utility bills? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re off on your hols or stocking up the freezer, these features keep your food and your bank balance happy. With plenty of options to choose from, we've broken down some handy information to help get you started

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    Power cut failsafe

    So, you’ve just put the food shop away and the power cuts out. We know, nightmare. Thankfully, some brands kit out their appliances with a nifty fail safe feature. This keeps your food in tip-top shape for up to around 20 hours – just double check the model you’re looking at for the exact duration.

    Super quiet

    Ever settled in for some TV time on the couch and noticed your fridge humming a little tune to itself? These super quiet models have some really clever tech to put a stop to that and let you enjoy your evening in peace. That means no more distractions when you’re trying to catch up on the latest hit series. Result.

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    Measure, delivery & installation

    Features we love

    Fridge Freezer Food Preservation

    Help reduce the amount of food you throw away and the chance of odours filling the fridge

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    Fridge freezers with hygiene technology

    Learn how clever hygiene tech can keep your fridge clean and your food tasting its best

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    Fridge Freezer Food Management

    Reduce food waste and make sure you always have milk for that much needed cup of tea.

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    Latest Fridge Freezer tech

    Discover how Total No Frost and other fridge freezer tech can make your life easier

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