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    Best Washing Machines for 2024

    If choosing a new washer spins you right round, you’ve come to the right place. With so many dizzying options, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. Have a look below to find a selection of the best washing machines.

    Best all-rounders

    Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? These all-rounder washing machines have everything under the sun and more, so you can put your feet up while your machine powers through the laundry for you.

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    Best Integrated washing machines

    Integrated washing machines hide under your kitchen counters behind a cabinet door. They’re a great choice if you like that modern, clean look, or if you only want to see the washing machine when you have to do the laundry.

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    Best large capacity washing machines

    Got a bunch of post-holiday laundry to get through? With a large capacity washer, you won’t have to divide your suitcase into smaller loads. They give you at least 10kg of space inside, so everything from beach towels and swimsuits to shorts and dresses will be washed in a jiffy. Time to relax on the sofa and look through your summer snaps.

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    Best washing machines with quick wash

    Don’t panic if you’ve found your lucky shirt at the bottom of the laundry pile – some machines are kitted out with handy quick wash cycles. Depending on the brand, a small load could be scrubbed up in as little as 15 minutes – you’ll be ready for that interview before you know it.

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    Best smart-connected washing machines

    With nifty smart tech, you don’t have to be home to tick laundry off the list. Through a brand app, you can pop a wash on from your phone, download new programmes and even get updates on how long a cycle has left. Now there’s no need to leave that comfy spot on the sofa, bliss.

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    Best budget washing machines

    Buying a new washing machine doesn’t have to break the bank. Did you know you can get a great model for under £300? That’s right, and they come with the features you need to take care of your laundry. These machines are quite the steal and they’ll look great in your home, too.

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    Best energy efficient washing machines

    Staying eco-conscious is getting easier and easier. Don’t miss the boat on these washing machines and enjoy delightfully fresh outfits while doing your bit for the planet. And as a bonus, you’ll save some money too.

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    Washing Machines Buying Guide

    Don’t know which washer to go for? Don’t worry – we know the options seem endless, so we’ve put together a handy Buying Guide. Have a look for some pointers on which model is best for you.  

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