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    Air purifiers

    Air purifiers are a great bit of kit for your home. They can improve the air quality all year round, get rid of smells and even keep your room nice and cool. We’ve got all the info you’ll need to help you decide if an air purifier is right for you.

    What is an air purifier?

    Air purifiers are great little products that help improve the air quality in your home. They can filter out dust, allergens and other toxins in a room and even tackle any dodgy odours like leftover food, so you’ll only breathe in the freshest of smells. Some models even double up as a fan, so you can keep cool when it gets a little heated in the summer.

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    What are some of the benefits?

    Get a good night's sleep

    Breathing in dust, bacteria and pet hairs can make it hard for you to drift off, or can wake you up in the night. Air purifiers get to work as your head hits the pillow and could help you snooze a little easier.

    Give indoor pollutants the boot

    Purifiers can help filter out a lot of everyday nasties in our homes – like candle fumes, smoke and cooking smells. So, your house will smell fresher than it ever has before.

    Who might find them useful?

    Pet owners

    As much as some people might not admit, pets can stink. Wet dog and fishy cat food smells will disappear with an air purifier. And those ones that get blamed on the dog? Those too.

    Allergy sufferers

    Finally, you won’t have to suffer through summer with a permanent case of the sniffles. Air purifiers can filter out allergens so you’ll breathe easy every day.

    Home renovators

    For those of you DIY-ing, an air purifier could be a hugely useful tool. You’re bound to drill up things like dust or toxins in the air. To make sure you can properly enjoy your fancy new furniture, an air purifier is here to help.

    Spring cleaners

    An air purifier just makes sense for a big cleaning job. Once you’ve done the vacuuming, and put away the cleaning spray, your purifier will make sure your fresh start lasts longer.

    What features should I look out for?

    Air filtration systems

    Some air purifiers work with HEPA filters, so you know they’ll do a grand job in removing allergens.

    Noise levels

    We list the noise levels of all our air purifiers in the product specs, so if you’re after a model you can barely hear, check out the decibel levels - the lower the number, the quieter it will be.

    Energy consumption

    Some models shut down automatically once the job is done so they’re kinder to the environment.


    If you’re looking for a fan/heater/air purifier combo, we’ve got models that can do the lot.


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