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    Dishwashers with auto dosing technology

    Feel like your detergent is going to waste? Dishes not coming out clean? Auto dosing technology is here to fix that. These clever dishwashers give you the ideal amount of detergent every wash for a perfect clean that saves water and energy.

    What are the benefits of auto dose dishwashers?

    Save time

    Auto dose dishwashers come with a detergent reservoir, so all you need to do is fill it up and then the dishwasher will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent with every wash. So, you won’t need to think about detergent when you’re putting a load on – the dishwasher has you covered.

    Perfect amount every time

    It’s hard to tell just how much detergent you need. If the load is big or especially dirty, should you add more? It’s tough. Auto dosing tech takes everything into consideration to make sure each wash gets the ideal amount of detergent for the perfect clean.

    Save money

    There’s no feeling worse than opening the dishwasher and seeing the plates haven’t been cleaned properly. Auto dosing technology helps you save money by making sure everything is sorted in one go, so there’s no wasting energy and detergent on extra washes.

    Save on Rinse Aid

    Not only will auto dose technology help you save on detergent, it also makes sure each wash has the ideal amount of rinse aid. Get your plates shining and handle hard water without guessing at doses.

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    Beko AutoDose dishwasher

    Beko’s AutoDose dishwashers are a cut above the rest. Their AutoDose technology works out how dirty your plates are in order to give you the perfect amount of detergent and rinse aid for every load. By making sure your plates and pans get the perfect clean in one wash, it helps to save water and energy – cutting down your bills. What’s not to love?

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