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    Dishwashers with Automatic detergent dosing


    Not having to do the washing up is one of the best things about a dishwasher. But how do you know how much detergent or rinse aid to use for different loads – one that’s smaller than usual for example? That’s where automatic detergent dosing comes in. Here we’ll learn more about this clever tech and all the benefits that go with it.


    Take back time

    With automatic detergent dosing, you won’t need to take time out searching for those dishwasher tablets. Because it uses the right amount of detergent, there’s no need to work it out yourself. Now you can escape the kitchen and get on with your day.

    Protects those pennies

    One of the great things about having a dishwasher with automatic detergent dose technology is that it’s kinder to your wallet. Because it uses the exact amount needed for each load, nothing goes to waste – you won’t be spending money on replacements and can put those extra pennies towards something you love. Neat.

    A brilliant clean

    Automatic detergent dosing is better for your dishwasher too. Since it only uses the precise amount needed with each wash, no excess detergent is left in the machine, meaning you get great results even on short programmes, and your machine stays healthy too.

    Fill and forget

    Having a dishwasher with automatic detergent dosing means you don’t have to keep filling up the machine. Just pop the detergent and rinse aid into the reservoirs and it’ll take the perfect amount to get those plates gleaming, so you’ll only need to refill around once a month. Bonus.

    Also look out for…

    Auto Dose

    The handy Auto Dose feature helps make the after-dinner clean-up much easier. It stores enough detergent for up to 20 washes - you can just fill up the drawer and forget about it until it lets you know it’s empty. So, you get to save time and money while the dishwasher does its thing.

    Automatic Detergent Replenishment

    Always running out of detergent? Not anymore with automatic detergent replenishment. By setting up the reordering feature through the HomeWhizz app, this dishwasher can detect when you’re running low and automatically order more for you. So you don’t need to nip to the shops to get that last-minute load done, you’ll always be stocked up.