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    Beko Sensor Drying Tumble Dryer

    With these Beko tumble dryers, getting that laundry done will be simple. Sensor drying will make sure your clothes are actually dry, and the anti-crease function will stop creases to lighten your ironing load at the end.

    Sensor drying

    Sensor drying makes sure your clothes always come out of the drum 100% dry. Clever sensors keep an eye on how wet your clothes are, meaning the cycle will only stop once there’s no more water left. So, those jeans will be warm, dry and weekend ready as soon as they leave the drum.

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    Beko Anti Crease


    The last thing you want to do is iron your clothes after they’ve come out of the dryer. With Anti-crease, you won’t have to. At the end of each cycle, the drum will rotate in different directions to split up your clothes and stop creasing. So, you can crack on with your day instead of cracking open the ironing board.

    Beko Auto Cooldown

    Auto Cool-Down

    The Auto Cool-Down feature blasts cool air into the drum at the end of each cycle. This means when it comes to unloading your dryer, your clothes won’t be piping hot.

    Beko Large Drum

    9kg drum

    Get your laundry done fast with a large 9kg drum. Rather than having to do lots of little loads, you’ll be able to put one big load of laundry to save you time and energy. Winner.

    Beko Filter Full Indicator

    Filter Full Indicator

    The Filter Full Indicator is a handy little feature that uses a simple light to let you know the filter’s full. So, you’ll never forget to empty it.


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