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    Food Probes

    We’ve all checked on our joint of meat through the oven door every five minutes trying to guess whether it’s cooked just from the colour of it. Well, it’s time for something a little more reliable. Cook meat, fish and baked goods to absolute perfection with a food probe that continuously monitors the internal temperature of your food. It’s a sure-fire way of making sure you’ll never have to worry about undercooking or overcooking a dish ever again. Get ready for some compliments because with these ovens, there’s no guesswork.

    What are the benefits of cooking with a food probe?

    Precision cooking

    An oven that comes with a food probe lets you cook with confidence. It cooks to exact results, so there’s no chance those extra five minutes can push it past perfection.


    A food probe oven with pre-set programmes and settings to choose from means you won’t only enjoy the results, you’ll enjoy the cooking too. Whether it’s Sunday dinner for the family or a beef wellington for a dinner party.

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    AEG Mastery oven with SenseCook tech

    This AEG oven uses a food sensor (or food probe) to monitor food so you don’t have to. Just select the temperature you want your dish to reach and insert the probe into the middle of your food. When it’s cooked, it’ll alert you and automatically switch the oven off. So, you can sit back with a glass of wine while it does all the hard work. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with heaps of other great features too.

    • Pyrolytic self-cleaning reduces grease and residue to ash
    • Soft close doors mean no more slams
    • Multifunctional options give you more ways to cook

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    Miele ContourLine Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

    Miele ContourLine Electric Single Oven - Clean Steel - A+ Rated

    • Large 76l multifunctional oven has lots of programmes
    • Food probe ensures meat is cooked to perfection
    • Automatic programmes take the guess work out of cooking
    • Powerful pyrolytic function - self-cleaning oven
    • Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use


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