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    Haier washing machines with steam function

    Putting steam to good use, the 876 series of washing machines from Haier change the way you clean your clothes.

    How does a washing machine with a steam function work?

    Haier’s clever steam function works by diffusing steam and detergent to relax the fibres of your clothes. This helps to remove stubborn stains more easily, giving you cleaner results after every wash. Sounds good, right? Well, that’s not all. The process also makes ironing your clothes a breeze, and in some cases, not necessary at all. So, you can steam through the laundry and make more time for yourself.

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    What are the benefits of steam?

    A deeper clean

    By relaxing the fibres of your washing, steam helps to give your clothes a deeper clean. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a mud-covered football kit or a wine-stained shirt, the process makes it easier for them to be cleaned properly.

    A more hygienic wash

    Using steam to clean means that more bacteria can be killed during every wash. Plus, with Haier’s Smart Dual Spray system that cleans the washing machine after every cycle, there’ll be even less bacteria.

    Detergent dissolves better

    There’s nothing worse than clothes not getting cleaned properly because your detergent didn’t dissolve. With the steam function, that won’t be a problem. The high temperatures that make the steam, also help to dissolve detergent fully for a proper clean.

    Wrinkle-free clothes

    Doing the washing can end up being a long process, but what if you could cut down on the ironing? With steam, you can. Because the fibres are relaxed in the wash, creases and wrinkles are smoothed out during the steam cycle – so there’s a lot less ironing.

    Also look out for...

    Antibacterial Treatment

    To help protect the most sensitive parts of your washing machine like the detergent drawer, Antibacterial Treatment stops mould and bacteria from forming to keep your washes hygienic and safe.

    Ultra-quiet cycles

    With a Direct Motion Motor, the motor is attached directly to the drum – so there’s no need for a belt. This means the washing machine is a lot quieter, so there’s no need to shut doors to block out noise.

    Big capacity

    Haier has washing machines that give you more capacity without taking up more space. Picture your own personal TARDIS but for laundry instead of time travel. You can get a 10kg drum inside a standard 60cm machine. What’s not to love about that?


    Remember the Direct Motion Motor? Well, it’s not only quiet, it also reduces energy and water consumption. It only needs a small amount of water to make steam. Plus, with fewer vibrations, it’ll last for years and years. Haier will even give you a lifetime guarantee on their Motor. That’s confidence.


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