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    Heat pump tumble dryers

    What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

    Whether you’re feeling inspired to live a greener life, or you’re just trying to save some money on the monthly bills, heat pump tumble dryers are a force to be reckoned with. Unlike other models that are always adding more heat, they recycle the hot air from inside the drum and keep using it. This makes them cheaper to run, more efficient and kinder to the planet.

    What are the benefits of a heat pump tumble dryer?

    Cheaper to run

    Because they recycle heat, they don’t use as much energy as standard models do. This makes them really efficient, so they’re great for cutting back on the monthly bills.

    Kinder to the environment

    As heat pump tumble dryers use less energy, they put less strain on the environment – helping you play your part.

    Clothes stay looking fresher for longer

    They use lower temperatures to dry clothes, which stops fabrics from becoming heat damaged. This keeps all your favourite blouses in great shape and feeling fabulous for longer.

    You’ll never hear a peep

    We all know the pain of a noisy appliance. Heat pump dryers tend to be quieter to run, so you’ll never be ramping up the TV’s volume to drown out annoying sounds.

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    Beko 8kg heat pump dryer

    This Beko 8kg Heat Pump tumble dryer is a standout choice because it’ll care for your clothes and be gentle on your energy bills too. Clever sensor drying keeps tabs on the moisture levels and automatically stops when the clothes inside are dry, so your fabrics aren’t damaged by excessive heat. You can also choose from 16 different programmes to suit different fabrics and control drying times. And because it’s Heat Pump, it’s kinder to the environment than other models too. So, if you want a dryer that cares for your clothes and costs less that you’d think – you’ve found it.

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    Who might find them useful?

    People who are trying to save money

    As heat pump tumble dryers use less energy than standard models, they’re not as expensive to run – perfect if you’re trying to cut down on your bills.

    People who like to take the best care of their clothes

    Because they use cooler temperatures, outfits will never be exposed to excessive heat. Although this does mean that clothes might take a little longer to dry, it keeps their fibres strong and stops them from becoming damaged over time.

    People who want to make a difference

    Heat pump dryers don’t use a lot of energy, meaning they put less strain on the environment than other models do. So, if you’re always trying to find new ways to do your bit for the planet, look no further.

    People who don't like vented or condenser models

    If you don’t have vents already installed in your home, or you’re tired of steep utility bills, heat pump models are perfect because they’re efficient and only need a plug socket.

    Shop heat pump tumble dryers

    Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1192SKUK 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++ Rated

    Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1192SKUK 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++...

    • 9kg drum capacity — Great for medium-sized households
    • ActiveCare — Clever tech protects your fabrics
    • Crease Care — Tumbles up to 10 hours to prevent creases
    • Anti-Allergy — Removes 99.99% of dust mites
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.9 x W59.5 x D65.5
    Samsung Series 5+ OptimalDry™ DV80T5220AN Wifi Connected 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Graphite - A+++ Rated

    Samsung Series 5+ OptimalDry™ DV80T5220AN Wifi Connected 8Kg Heat Pump...

    • 8kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
    • Efficient Heat Pump technology uses less energy
    • Sensors monitor moisture and adjust the drying time
    • Monitor cycles from your smartphone via Smart Control +
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D65


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