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    Bosch Serie 8 Tumble Dryer

    Enjoy dry clothes with minimal fuss thanks to Bosch’s brilliant Serie 8 range of tumble dryers. These appliances use the heat pump method to dry your clothes using less energy.

    Heat pump technology

    Heat pump tumble dryers leave your clothes nice and dry while using less energy than other models. It does take a little longer because the technology recycles hot air from the drum. But this means it’s much more energy efficient and will save you money too.

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    Also look out for...

    Bosch Allergy Plus


    The AllergyPlus programme uses high temperatures to get rid of allergens like pollen and dust mites from your clothes. This means if you’ve got any hayfever sufferers under your roof, then their clothes will be allergen free as well as clean.

    Bosch Sensitive Drying

    Sensitive Drying

    Sensitive Drying looks after your delicate clothes in the drum. It uses a combination of warm air and softly curved paddles to gently tumble your clothes. This way, your clothes won’t stick to side of the drum and will be dried with care.

    Bosch AutoDry


    AutoDry uses clever sensors to measure how wet your clothes are. It then chooses the right settings such as the temperature to dry your clothes. This means no shrinking or over drying, but perfectly dry clothes ready to wear or be put away.

    Bosch Self-Cleaning


    The self-cleaning feature keeps your dryer in tip top shape. It recycles the water from your clothes and uses it to clean your tumble dryer for you. So, you don’t have to get your hands dirty, and you won’t be using any extra water.


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