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    High performance laptops

    Switch out your tired old desktop for a laptop that packs a punch. From super-fast processors to dedicated graphics cards, a high performance laptop will give you the power you need to work and play, wherever you like.

    What makes a laptop powerful?

    First there’s the processor or CPU, which manages all your commands. A faster processor will make a more powerful laptop. Secondly you have RAM, which is your laptop’s short-term memory, the more RAM you have, the better your laptop will be able to juggle multiple programmes and apps. Finally you have the graphics card or GPU, this bit of tech is dedicated to what you see on screen, and the more powerful it is, the better the graphics will be.

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    What are the benefits of a high performance laptop?

    Better graphics

    Powerful laptops will naturally pack the biggest punch when it comes to graphics. With a dedicated graphics card doing all the hard work, everything you see on screen, whether it’s the design you’ve been slaving over or the latest first person shooter, will look out of this world.

    Faster load times

    High performance laptops usually have the latest and greatest computer processing tech, and with that comes super-fast computing. From booting up at a moments notice, to loading all your favourite apps in seconds, a high performance laptop will change the way you work.

    More storage

    If you want a laptop to work on creative projects or to store all your entertainment, you’ll need a fair bit of storage. Thankfully high performance laptops usually come with fast and spacious SSD storage options, so you’ll have plenty of room, and all your files will load in next to no time.

    Great multi-tasker

    With super-fast processors, best in class graphics and generous storage space, high performance laptops are perfect multi-tasking devices. So, you can have multiple programmes open on the go without worrying about a drop in performance.

    Asus Zenbook 14" Laptop

    This Asus ZenBook, powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, is a high-performance laptop that’s suited for demanding tasks, including gaming. The 8GB of RAM give it loads of oomph to make everything load quickly, even when multitasking. Plus, there’s a 512GB SSD, which gives load times another boost and provides more than enough storage for all your multimedia files and software. And everything will look brilliant thanks to the Full HD screen, which is twice the resolution of standard HD. Despite the heavy-duty specs, it’s lightweight and easy to take with you. What’s more, the 13-hour battery life means you can keep working or playing nearly all day without needing to plug back in.

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    Who is it great for?


    If you’re looking for a laptop to play all your favourite games, you’ll a need a model with the power to keep up. High performance laptops with super-fast processors and powerful graphics cards will give you an unrivalled gaming experience in a light and portable device. Perfect for at home or on the go.


    Whether you’re creating digital art, working on designs or cutting down that new video, a high performance laptop will give you the speed and power to truly unlock your creative potential. And when you want to unwind after, you can stream films and play the latest games straight from the same device.


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