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    Hisense’s new Hi-Style vacuum cleaners

    If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your vacuum cleaner, Hisense’s new Hi-Style models are ready to take the floor. They’ve got tonnes of cool features to suck you in and sweep you off your feet. Check them out below.

    What's good about them?

    Lights will guide you…to the dust

    Because Hisense’s new models come with LED lights on the floorhead, you’ll be able to see every speck of dirt before you. Just flick them on and they’ll show you the way. They’re great for dimly lit areas, like under the sofa, so no crumb will ever be left behind again.

    Empty, rinse, repeat

    Everything that’s picked up off your floors will be collected in a plastic dust cup that’s easy to empty. That means no messy bags, no dirty hands and no more wasting money on replacements. Just give it a rinse and you’re good to go again.

    Neat little things

    Once you’ve wrapped up your cleaning mission, you can fold down the handle to make it smaller. And since it’ll be half the height, it’ll fit just about anywhere in your home. Under the stairs, in a cupboard or tucked away in the corner…wherever you wish.

    Keeps sneezes at bay

    You’ll be glad to know that these models come with washable filters to catch every fleck of pollen, dust and mould particles in the air, and lock them away for good. So, if you or someone you live with suffers from allergies, life will be a whole lot easier from the very first whip round.

    Juice it up from wherever

    If the battery needs a boost, the days of dragging a whole vacuum over to the plug socket are gone. All you’ll need to do is remove the battery and connect it to the charger. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is.

    Stay in the know at all times

    Rather than hazarding your best guess and chancing it, these models have LED indicators to tell you how much charge is left. You’ll never have an excuse to do half a job again – your partner will be pleased with that one.

    Hisense HVC5262AUK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Forget your old, clunky vacuum that’s barely hanging on – it’s time to upgrade. This Hisense model will take you to new heights of clean. It can run for 70 minutes without needing a boost, and it’ll work brilliantly on every floor type imaginable. Carpets, tiles, laminate…the lot. And if you need to turn your hand to a ghoulish cobweb on the ceiling, just press the button and you’ll have a nifty little handheld in no time. Go get ‘em.

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    Who are they great for?

    Any busy household

    With a 70 minute run time, you’ll never have to keep stopping and starting again. Once they’re fully charged, you’ll have plenty of time to give the whole house a good going over. That’s another one ticked off the to-do list.

    Anyone who has carpets or hard floors

    We’re pretty sure that’s everyone – good stuff. These models work brilliantly on all floor types, and their nifty 2-in-1 designs let you transform them into handhelds at the click of a button. Pet fluff on the carpets? It’s got you covered. Cobwebs on the ceiling? Yep, those too.

    Anyone who’s not into heavy lifting

    Because they’re really lightweight, the struggle is over. They only weigh 3.5kg each, making them easy to pull and even easier to cart up the stairs. Save your excuses for something else.


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